Riders, Stamps Injury Reports: Lauther, Hakunavanhu miss Tues. practice

TORONTO — The Calgary Stampeders and Saskatchewan Roughriders have submitted their first injury reports of the week ahead of their meeting on Saturday at Mosaic Stadium.

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I think the biggest problem the Riders have faced the last few seasons is the health of their players. Maybe it’s time to look at new strength and conditioning trainer. Our injury report is almost a practical joke week in week out. Dont forget about the 4 Achilles tears in 6 minutes and currently it’s our 5th game and we could field a team from our current injury list.

Good post! My thoughts exactly for at least the last couple of years. You can’t compete with the big boys while your elite players are consistently on & off the injury lists.

Have to agree - while I am not downplaying the plight of a team like Ottawa losing Masoli. The shear number and quality of the Riders injuries are staggering. 5 out their 7 top receivers including their top 3 to longer term injuries, starting center, top DB, top pass rusher, kicker and a top LB. Lots of criticism that the Riders have been squeaking out victories but to even be competitive with these losses is astounding.

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