Riders @ Stamps GDT


Fumble, definitely.
Burris, intentional grounding, no call, Riders get flagged for bs.
Rambo TD, foot came down out of bounds.

All this on one drive, craptacular already.

Just turned it on, and that TD definitely looked suspect... lol

ya the Refs are NOT doing so well… email Black, tell him how you feel!

Wow... the Riders fans really came out today. Probably why it almost feels like we're in Regina right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

wow. missed holding on the short yardage (Stamp had Lloyd's arm so he couldn't grab Burris).

That being said, the Rider D is invisible so far. Kerry better start putting some points on the board. Two blowouts in a row would be really rough.

kudos to the refs for letting the play go on the 2nd Stamp TD and not calling PI on anyone.

Oh, that sucks for the Riders. That was a Riders TD...

Riders are imploding! Kerry Joseph pick in the endzone!

Looks like it'll be a second-straight blowout loss for Sask. BC could creep into first place tonight with a W.


riders looking like keystone cops. refs couldnt even help them win this one

That Nik Lewis TD could be the last nail for the Riders...

FYB, a Lions win and we're in first tonight!

anyone who blames the refs on this one is grasping at straws.

Joseph imploding for some reason and the tackling is beyond bad.

Any guess Crandell will be in to start the 2nd half?

Riders my second fav in the west, 3rd overall. I still want them to win. Lions should earn 1st place on their own.

If thats the case they must be cheering for Calgary,
because that was a loud cheer coming through my radio
after Niks touchdown.

Dude this is the CFL.....dont be nailing any coffins just

But so far i likey!

Ummm, we would be earning first place on our own with a victory tonight with our third-string QB.

How can you cheer for the Lions and the Riders? Just seems plain wrong.

Refs sound like theyre doing a good job.

I didn't see how that was pass interferance, but whatever...

This is just sad for Rider fans.