Riders @ Stamps game thread...

...off the the stadium with my two Rider cousins from Regina in tow...

...guaranteed, something is getting crushed tonight:

a) the green and white, or,
b) my beaver felt top hat

...time to open the floodgates....

It'd be a shame if it was the beaver felt top hat.

Anyone else think it was incredibly dumb of Miller to say he won't hesitate to put Jyles in if Durant can't produce? Even though Durant opened with a great scoring drive, I still think it was a dumb move. And I'm glad Matt Dunigun mentioned the revolving door the Riders had last season during the pre-game show. What the hell was Miller thinking? :roll:

Anyway, go Stamps! I wanne go 3-1 this week! :smiley:

Ahhhh, Miller... true to form.

Just saw Durant standing on the sideline. Looks like the revolving door has begun spinning. Good job, Miller.

If he comes back in and struggles, how long before people are calling for Bell???

Just got back from hitting a party during halftime. When did Durant re-enter the game? Is Miller just going to keep alternating his quarterbacks all night? I know the Riders are winning right now, but I still don't care for how he's handling the QB situation. With the way he yanks guys, it doesn't seem like he has much respect for the position... or that much knowledge about the position.

Durant was back in to start the 3rd...

A Stamps win is all that is going to save me from an 0-4 week.

will gladly drop a 1-3 week to see that win in Calgary :thup: :smiley:

Never had a doubt, the coin said Riders tonight.

Crazy game.

Jyles did a good job in there when he played. I know some people have questioned the move, and questioned Millar stating that he would do it...but it was a no-brainer. Let Darian know that he's not golden, and that if he can't keep playing smart that he won't keep playing. Everyone knows it, that's conventional football wisdom. Other teams have done it before - pull the starter early in the game to let him see the defense from the sidelines for a bit, and watch what they are doing. After the last few games with ZERO performance in the 3rd quarter, it was time to make a statement. It was unusual for a coach to make that sort of a statement in public, but probably a statement that needed to be made.

That beaver felt hat must be in really bad shape :wink:



Durant wasn't pulled because he was stinkin' it up.

Miller said he would put in Jyles for a couple series during the game just so Durant can watch what's going on.

This was not done to teach Durant a lesson. It is part of his learning as a young QB.

Miller was coaching properly by being patient and using the full 60 mins of football.

Durant is getting more and more confident. He is getting better at reading blitzes. He is releasing quicker.

Durant is improving and you can see it in his play. Still huge room for improvement.

Just know that Durant is getting better because of how Miller is coaching him.

What a game, Rider d comes up huge at the end and Getzlaf, great performance and Durant. Big win for the green team.

This was the best game of the year in the CFL.. Riders pulled it out in the last minute, but a nice throw from Durant on the winning TD. So much for the theory that he cant throw the deep ball, or have touch on his passes. The Rider almost shot themselves in the foot with the penalty that took them out of FG range, but a great game by both teams. This is what the CFL is all about!! :rockin:

Yeah what was with the Parenteau penalty?

Fine him.

Pathetic and uneccessary. Although, I never saw it.

I am going off my trust in the refs. (Yikes!)

Parenteau got 15 yds for unnecessary roughness.

Oh yeah, I know the call I just never say Parenteau actually comitting it.

Either way, if he was to blame for some type of ridiculous instigating at that point in the game . . . fine him.

Actually the officiating in those last 3 minutes was brutal, on both sides.. the call on Morgan for pass interference was terrible. The only call that seemed to get right was the illegal forward pass that took a TD away from the Riders.