Riders-Stamps game thread Aug. 1 (8:30 pm ET TSN)

Early bird catches the flak? LOL

Saves me the extra work Saturday. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will Stamps roll over a burned Riders squad, or can Gang Green rebound?

Hopefully the Riders can rebound! Although with Durant's inconsistent play, it's not looking good.

I read on cflzone.com that Miller intends to play Jyles sometime during the game, so the QB carousel in Regina is restarting in earnest.

I expect the Toronto-Winnipeg game to be a dog, so this will be a 3/4 weekend. LOL

Correct. Miller only intends on doing that if Durant struggles.

Good morning all!

The second game of the Saturday doubleheader is tonight -- chances are it will likely have more spark, too!

Next up, tonight’s game!

TSN coverage is on now!

Game is on from Calgary!

TD Durant to Getzlaf -- Saskatchewan up 7-0.

TD Burris to Cornish -- game tied at 7

7-7 after one quarter -- looks like it could storm there...

The wind is 50 km/h and gusting...wow

10-7 Stamps

Jyles in at QB for Sask. for Durant

Incidently, live updates can be found at http://liveplay.cflcentral.com/LPFiles/28_2009_cfllive_scoreboard.html :wink:

It's about six minutes slow. LOL

Stamps FG -- 13-7

It looks like TSN is shooting the game with their motion-sickness-cam.

Congi FG to wrap up the half -- 13-10 Stamps, halftime.

Yup. LOL

The bobsledder was wearing a shirt underneath his CTV shirt that matched the colour of the "green-screen" in the booth. You could see the field in the sliver of it that was showing around his neck. Hilarious!

Congi FG partially blocked and goes wide -- still Cal 13 Sask 10 -- 6:49 left, 3rd quarter