Riders-Stamps Best game of the year?

Was not that the best - most entertaining game of the year? Or of the decade? I can't remember a better one - refresh my memory of other games that compare. The tie was a just result. I wonder what the TSN ratings will be for this tussle.

I don’t know if I’d call it the best… I don’t like to get into that sort of thing. But it was certainly entertaining.

Some others that were equally entertaining, off the top of my head, the two Calgary/Edmonton games this season. Both went to the wire, and had great comeback drives. The Calgary/Edmonton game last season when Tucker caught that last second TD pass to win it.

From what I can remember, the B.C./Calgary game that ended in a tie a couple seasons ago was also a thriller. I remember Jarius Jackson came in and threw a long bomb for a TD.

This season has A TON of good games and this one is certainly at the upper echelon of them.

Thanks for refreshing my memory Chief - I forgot about that Tucker catch - that was incredible. I agree it is difficult to label any game the “best” but it is good to relive some of those unforgettable games of the past - some of them from this season yet. I’m sure there will be a few more to rank in the “best” category before this season is over.

Don't know if it was the best but for sure, entertaining as it gets. That being said, I also found the Argos/Eskies game entertaining on Friday night in it's own right even though it wasn't a classic by any stretch, a game the Eskies needed and the Argos didn't give it to them lightly. So different definitions of what actually is "the best" or even if "the best" really matters that much for watching a game.

...certainly one of the best live games I've ever been to...the back and forth play was a total see-saw on the fans...one minute the stamps fans would be one their feet cheering while the rider fans hung their heads, then the next minute the rider fans would be jumping up and down while the stamps fans passed out from grief....it was a total hoot, and a tie result was hilarious...the atmosphere was pretty fun...

I only watched about half the game because I found it lack luster!

I think the EE games have been the most exciting!

a very impressive game that any league would die to have, UFL, NCAA, even the big bad NFL.

CFL proves once again that for comeback and high scoring offensive games, it is the king. :cowboy:

I had forgotten about another classic game - I think it was July , 2000 - I was at the game at Taylor Field - my wife reminded me that we were there. It was the first year of overtime. Final score Saskatchewan 52 - Calgary 52. That was a doozy .

Speaking of the UFL, I watched a quarter or so of NY-LA on Saturday night. Holy god was that awful ball. And can someone explain why both teams have the same uniforms (including snot green trim), except for base color? Weird - it looked like a scrimmage.

Oh, and we now know the answer to the question "Whatever happened to Craponso Thorpe?"

That game was awesome. I was also there. I believe that that was the first year they put in the new overtime mini game. In that game I believe there were 4 mini games, could have been 5. It was an exiting game.

i dont think it was the best game. the final quarter was right up there, but the rest of the game? dont think so.

Yes there have been several, but this so far was the best.