Riders Stadium

Ok, if it's such a problem to get a new stadium in Regina, then why can't there be something done to either Griffiths Stadium or Gordie Howe Bowl in Saskatoon? Both look like viable stadiums (especially Gordie Howe)for expansion to CFL standards?!

What? C'mon... :roll:

Because their name is really the "Regina Roughriders". We only refer to them as "Saskatchewan Roghriders" so we can claim money from the whole province.LOL

Griffiths has lights and a nice playing surface, but nothing else is close to CFL Standards.

Gordie Howe Bowl is just slightly younger than the man himself, and while a charming old dame, really could not be retrofit to that degree. Plus, given it's resemblance to an impact crater of a comet, every time it rains, it turns into a soup bowl. Apparently the designers did not have a firm grasp on the drainage (or cushioning) characteristics of clay when the place was built.

It will never happen let this thread die already.

I think the park behind my house here in Regina has a better chance than those two locales you mentioned.

Well... the word "Regina" hasnt appeared in the CFL Standings since 1947. The team IS called the "Saskatchewan" Roughriders... I am the first to admit I know nothing of the 2 Saskatoon venues being discussed here. But putting those two old fields aside as being inadequate, as a "What If...?" just purely for fun... What If the city of Saskatoon decided to build a new 40,000 seat CFL state-of-the-art stadium (with Grey Cup expansion capability) to entice the team to move there from Regina?

I would guess that most of the outstanding shares of Rider stock are in the hands of Regina area people... But would the Riders ever decide to make such a move anyway ,if no Stadium was ever forthcoming in Regina? After all... they would still be the Saskatchewan Roughriders... they could even argue they never actually technically moved at all, per se anyway. They would still be in Saskatchewan.

Does Regina petition for an expansion team? Does it force them to build a new stadium, or dramatically upgrade Taylor Field, like it or not? Do Regina fans just bite the bullet and drive on game days to Saskatoon? That sort of thing (new or improved Stadium) is routinely done in the USA when a team threatens to move due to a better offer. Perhaps that whole dynamic is different in Canada.... ? Maybe not among the fanatical following of the Riders though.

I dont really think it would ever happen but as a "What If...?" its fun to kick it around. A lot of different scenarios there. The cities that really need to make that decision (new or upgraded old Stadium) though are Ottawa, Quebec City, and Halifax...