Riders Spent in Excess of $5 Million in '06?!?

Can anyone confirm if this was actually in the Rider Leader Post? I heard it at http://www.cflzone.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5974
but the person who posted it didn't post a link.

From the Leader Post:
Although the Roughriders have stated they exceeded last year's salary cap of $3.8 million by $1.1 million, they will not be punished. CFL teams were expected to follow the financial constraints in 2006, but the range of financial and personnel punishments weren't scheduled to take effect until 2007.

Said Tillman: "We spent in excess of $5 milion (in 2006). Speaking to the CFL office, our fines would have been $3 million and some draft picks.''

I heard they were $1.7 mil over the cap last year, but that included signing bonuses for this season which don't count against the SMS.

That does include last minute Signing bonuses, dang Rider Priders.

But if they keep their Revenues up to last seasons numbers they could be in for a good sized profit in 2007, use that to fix up Taylor field.

That's a good chunk of cash to be over, even considering the front-loaded contracts. Hopefully for the Rider's sake, they can make that money up this season.

The Riders made money last year, albeit $455... I dont think it was $1.7m, although I suppose I could be wrong. They had to pay out quite a bit with all the front loaded contracts they had last year as well as paying Roy off after they sent him packing.

Ive been saying this for a while that they are actually generating money now, but nobody believed me...

Who would have thought that "poor little old Regina" could be such high spenders. Roy must have had a good laugh everytime he saw those accusations of the Argos and Eskies being "over the cap". :smiley:

I am sure Roy was laughing--considering that the Esks and Argos were both well over the cap as well.
Reports say the Argos spent more than the Riders, and the Esks were only a couple of hundred thousand behind the Riders. Interestingly, the Esks were likely the highest spending team last year to miss the play-offs.

But yes, the Riders were approx. $1.1 million over the cap. Old news really, as while the AGM was just on Sat., the numbers had been released about a month ago.
I have no idea where the "1.7 mill" figure comes from (probably somebody's typo), but it is false.
Anyway, every team in the league was over the cap, with teams like the Riders, Esks, Argos, and Stamps being well over.
We picked up approx. $550,000 in extra salary from the Ottawa draft, with KJ and Armstead being the most expensive roster players available, and that tipped us to the heights we reached.
Without them, we would have spent almost exactly the same amount as the 'Smoes, and less than teams like Montreal and Calgary. And both players have now renegotiated their contracts, and taken pay-cuts.
Also, the number features all the cap "loophole" signings, which drove every team further over the limit.
But every dollar we spent there last year, will reduce our costs by 2 next year.
And I fully expect ET to have us under the cap this year.

But regarding the Riders claiming to be "poor little old Regina", any fans who pay attention have been well aware that the Riders have been in the top 4-5 in spending for about the last 5 years, and been in the top 2-3 the last couple.
It actually fascinates me the reaction other teams have to this.
How dare the "poor little Riders" actually spend the money necessary to allow them to be competitive!
The reality is, you can draw a nearly one to one correlation in the CFL between talent/competitiveness and salary. All those years with Al Ford as GM, we were consistantly in the botton half in spending and it showed.
Last year, I believe we had the second best team in the league, both on paper and on the field, and lo and behold, we also had likely the second highest payroll.
I don't think that as a Rider fan, I am going to apologize for that!

...so then, based on your last paragraph, what you are really saying is that your team is freaking done for now that a cap is in place...

No, what I am saying is, with a cap in place, teams will no longer automatically have an advantage just because they have deeper pockets.
But even with the cap, teams with more talent will spend more than teams without, and to retain that talent, they will need to pay more.
Which is all the Riders have done in the last couple of years.
A vigourously enforced cap is the best thing to happen in Riderville in 30 years....

...but is it?...your teams deep pockets over the last few years didn't net any hardware...not even a home playoff game...now a cap is going to limit that free-wheeling 'Holy Cow, let's go to Minot for the weekend' spendfest....

....you noted that there is a direct correlation between talent and spending and if you're now going to spend less then by your own theory your talent will proportionally diminsh....you're hooped, admit it...yeah, I'm poking you with a sharp stick, but you're leaving youself so pokable I can't help it...make me stop, please, I'm not normally this pokey...

When its all said and done IMO most teams will be spending about 4,500,000 this year because of all the front end loaded contracts signed before the salary cap went into effect.
Next year when the new TV contract kicks in I expect the salary cap will rise to around the 4.5 mil I think the clubs are really spending this year.
I also wonder if there is a cost of living clause written in to the cap, as it obviously costs more to live in say Toronto than it does in Regina. If there isn't such a clause there should be.

...nope there is no such clause that I know of...also, you probably know this but the front loaded contracts don't count towards the cap, they are effectively forgotten about for '07, meaning all teams are to not go over the 3.8 mark lest they pay fines....but I agree with you that we'll probably see the cap rise after this season, how else will those Riders contain their bulging McDuck Money Vault?!?!....it'll reach quivering explosion stage by October....

Second best team in the league? Even as a Rider fan , I disagree that we were second best. If all teams were over the cap, then all teams should have lost some good talent to get under that limit. It should make for an intersting season. BC is still the team to beat, but the rest of the division is a crapshoot.

…I wasn’t going to touch that one because I though Arius might have a gun and an empty bottle of Nyquil after having typed that interesting claim…

Actually he might get long-winded again and we will see a full page post from him.... that worse than having a gun :lol: :lol:

Keep poking. It's okay.

While we did not get the results(a home play-off game.Grey Cup) that one might hope for, we have made the play-offs 5 years in a row, the first time in 30 years. Cash does not assure championships, but it does assure competitiveness. You can look at pretty much any sport around and see that.
From 1977 to 2000, we consistantly were at the bottom in spending and how'd we do on the field?
And perhaps most importantly, we had almost 0 ability to compete for top free agents in that stretch.
Even in the most recent years, with our spending near the top of the heap, if a key free agent was available, other teams just out bid us.
And that is/was a big problem. No matter how much we spend, at any given moment, every team in the league, with the exception of perhaps Winnipeg, can simply outbid us for a given free agent. And they have. Particularly at that unimportant QB position.

Until now.

We will spend less this year.
But so will every team in the league, so our ability to compete for talent is not diminished.
In fact, over the long haul, our ability to compete for talent is now better than it ever has.
If a team wants to outbid us for player A, that is fine.
Then they cannot afford player B.
Being at the top of the heap in both talent and spending the last couple of years, we have taken a few hits this year.
But with a cap, the teams with the most talent will do so each year, as their payrolls will max out, while teams with somewhat less talent, will find they have some cap room.
Again, we see that in all sports with caps.
So the cap forces a level of parity.
A team can only keep its talent for a few years before the cap will force them to release some of it onto the open market.
But because of the cap, no one team can consistantly outbid any other for that talent.
And that can only be a positive for the Riders.

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...ah crap, you dulled my poking stick....lol, I get your drift, good argument Arius...