Riders Signing Could be Huge

The Riders signing of former Oklahoma standout running back Quentin Griffin just might be as big of a steal as Robert Edwards was for the Montreal Alouettes a few seasons ago. This guy has speed, will make people miss, almost never fumbles, and has great hands out of the backfield. He is tailor made for the CFL. Could become the second coming of Charles Roberts. The only question is just how bad his knee injury really was.

For a glimpse of his outstanding college career:


I am pretty sure he played for the Denver Broncos, didn’t he?

He could easily be a bust too, you never know. I hope he's as good as you say though.

Ya, where he started almost right out of college. Remember, the Broncos were known as a running back factory at the time (kinda still are) and he hung in their with pretty good backs (like Clinton Portis, Mike Anderson, Tatum Bell and Garrison Hearst)

And all of those backs you just mentioned minus Portis $uck. Quentin Griffin isnt that great.

had a one thousand yard season earlier in the decade.

Garrison Hearst was pretty good.

he kinda reminds me of cates somewhat but from what ive seen he may be faster and knows how to break a tackle. However i think he would be lacking the skills of a 3rd down back, however since KJ coverts most 3rd and shorts himself this shouldnt be an issue. I think its a good signing, and not to say its going to happen but i wouldnt be totally shocked if he starts for us.

I would be.....

Me to. Cates is good. Griffin might get Holmes job.

That I suspect is why we signed him...

Agree Arius. Unless Cates foot is still bad. Hope not.

It was just a hairline fracture--obviously he could play with it as it was.
I don't see it as an issue.

Not really... Other than his long ass run vs the NY Jets in 98 and his one good 1500 yard season, he didnt do to much considering he was the 3rd overall pick.

Q averaged 39.7 yard per return in last year's NFLe season. Your looking at a great returner that will double as a change up back. He will do well IMO.

he had a half decent season in 01 or 02 with the denver broncos. i am pretty sure he teamed up with Quentin Griffin.

I like it. The Broncos are 2nd team, next to the Colts. But I liked Griffin. Speedy, got some moves. It will be interesting to see what he can do with a wide open field and extra man on the field.

Hopefully, he doesn't come in thinking he's gonna destroy the CFL and become a legend because he started in the NFL...

Wes Cates is still the starter. QG has to prove himself just like everyone else. He definately has the potential but then again lots of people have potential. Cates was nothing special playing behind Droppsy Reynolds in Calgary but he got a shot here and made the most of it.

Nfl rushing champion Ricky Williams...shold tear up the Cfl becuase he tore up the Nfl??? Doesn't always happen like that. Ryoon is right, if he thinks he will be a superstar because he came from the Nfl then he will become a distant memory very quickly.

On the other hand for people to say he $ucks is just stupid. Cates "$sucked" in Calgary but not here...Dorsey "$ucked" here but has done well for himself in Toronto. You just never know when you will fit into a system that allows you to break out and become a success.

IMO this guy isn't good and isn't bad until we see what he does on the field as a Rider and all this talk(good and bad) is simply just that.

lol Im not stupid. I really cant believe this signing is getting people sooo pumped.

Ya, he ONLY had 4 thousand yard seasons, was a 2 time pro bowler, and rushed for just under 8,000 career yards to go along with another 2,000 receiving yards for a grand total of 10,000 yards from scrimmage. So ya, he wasn't that good at all.. :roll: :roll: