Riders sign Russ extend Fulton

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/riders-lock-up-veterans-russ-and-fulton]http://www.cfl.ca/article/riders-lock-u ... and-fulton[/url].

Russ in his 3rd year coming was a prime target to re sign

Fulton really took off this year. Most have never heard of him as he has spent 3 seasons. Great pedigree playing for Big 10 Illinois made a move to OT during his junior year, after a medical Redshirt the year before, from DE. 2 year starer 5th round draft pick and played in the Under Armour Sr Bowl. Could never quite find his niche onto an NFL Roster played a few games in the UFL where he was most likley got the most notice and the rest will be a good future for the Riders locking up an all star claibre LT.

ecstatic with both of these re-signings!

I had just posted a day or 2 ago that I thought Russ was the #2 concern for FAs they had, and Fulton was IMO their best on the OL last year.

With the year Brackenridge had last year unless the riders make him an offer he can't refuse he would be foolish not to test the FA market. Investing their money in the OLine the last two seasons. Labatte, Picard, Fulton, and Heenan was a great priority. The emrgence of Neufeld and locking him in was icing on the cake.

To say this made my weekend would be a major understatement.Delighted with both these signings.Xavier has been nothing short of amazing.I watched all the games from August on ESPN and he was a shinning light on the Offensive Line.Darian will also be delighted he is signed up till 2015 and who is to say he won't get an extended deal before then :smiley:

Blindside protectors making the kind of statement Xavier made last season with his play must have the people in Edmonton scratching their heads asking"how did we let him slip through our fingers" :oops:

Edmonton had 2 of these guys they kept Orrin Thompson who was also spectacular and did not realize at the time that Devin Tyler would have been in Jail for the first few games.
Fulton was traded for a 6th round draft pick. The best thing is that Fulton has already spent 3 years on NFL practice rosters and 2011 in the UFL so he had his NFL stint so he will be a Rider for a while.

Russ when healthy can lock down any Slotback in the league, Eddie Russ, Craig Butler are our cornerstones for our secondary, were just missing that lockdown corner. Whether that'd be Maze or a free agent we need a corner that can lock down a side of the field.

Look for Macho Harris to grab that CB spot that the Riders were weak in last season. Joe Burnett, EDM, Patrick Watkins, TOR, and Fred Bennent, Calgary, All three came to the CFL from the NFL as free agents and all made a huge splash in the CFL with Burnett and Watkins All Stars and Bennent having teams throw away from him after a great start to the season.
Macho Harris is cut from the same mold an NFL mid round draft pick with NFL playing experience, as a starter at one time or another, of 3 or 4 years. Harris got hit with the injury bug. When ready was inserted into the starting line up for the final game and playoff game so Butler at S and Russ and Harris lining up next to each other at HB and CB should be a solid side of the field in which teams may want to stay away from

I think Collins could be the guy as well.

I think that with Butler at S, and the addition of McCall solidifies that there should always be a Canadian there. Wouldu looked respectable rotating in for Canadian Content, so can play both there and as a DB.

Then Russ, Jackson and Collins they looked ok. Maze or Turenne could be the 4th. There are a few others in the mix to potentially compete, including McKenzie

They also have Newman back their as well as a utility SAM/Safety. Turenne and Milt Collins also played well. They need to find 4 guys that really seperate themselves at the 2 HB and 2 CB. Toronto was successful because they mostly started the same 4 almost all season long creates Unity.
MacCaluly should fit perfectly with the Hair Force Special teams Unit without the Hair.