Riders Sign Revievers


Thursday, March 30, 2006 - 11:00AM

Saskatchewan Roughrider head coach and assistant general manager Danny Barrett announced today that import receivers Sam Breeden and Brandon Smith have signed one-year plus option contracts with the club. Financial terms were not released.

Breeden played last season for the NFL Europe’s Frankfurt Galaxy where he caught 10 passes for 144 yards and a touchdown. The 26-year old played his final college season at Northwestern Oklahoma State where he caught 62 passes for 675 yards and three touchdowns. Breeden also played college football at Arkansas and Butler Community College and finished his collegiate career with 81 receptions for 1,209 yards and five touchdowns.

Smith spent four seasons at Vanderbilt University as a wide receiver. The 22-year old finished his college career with 108 receptions for 1,497 yards, and five touchdowns in 46 games. Smith has attended NFL camps with Green Bay, Atlanta, and Seattle

What are your thoughts on this?

We needed someone.....I'm wondering exactly what the deal with Breeden was last year - he began practicing with the Riders part way through the season, but never played a down.....dah well.....they can't be worse than Butterfingers French, right? :wink:

Yah but they dont sound very impressive from what ive heard about them. Smith might be ok but Breeden Dosnt sound very good.

It's about time Roy!
Good that we finally have brought in some more receivers, hopefully these guys can develop and contribute on the offence.

Now let's get a guy to throw it to them!

Hmmmm.....riderville has mentioned that Breedon signed as a FA in January, and Smith in February.....what's with the delay in the announcement?

2 or 3 moths less of having to listen to

I'm not saying they will, but we all know rider fans!!!!! :wink:

Ever heard me say that? Didn't think so..... :wink:

Yeah, well, the Riders are going to need some "revieving" this year after playing the Stamps :wink:

bring it on Kev. Bring it on

Ah, couldn't resist :wink: Anyway, the boys in red will gladly "bring it on". They did a pretty good job of it last year, and have been a lot more productive this off-season than gang green ...

Somebody found the Casino Shivers was hiding in???? Two signings. He is alive! :wink:

...yes... but Barrett is still asleep....maybe he'll wake up by kick-off time.. and I know what first comment will be....' hey where did everybody go'.... :?: 8)

Actually I am pretty sure that it was Barret that made these signings. I doubt Shivers even knows.