Riders sign new QB

Former Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd signs with CFL's Roughriders


Hmm so who is out? Hopefully not Smith as he will be snapped up by another team in a heartbeat. Yes he has made a few rookie mistakes but if the Riders think it wasn't going to happen then they are just plain stupid. I would think Tino would be first to go on the list. Not crazy about having 6 qb's hanging around. Whats the point? Oh I know if we don't think he has it in practice then we cut him but with Glenn, Smith, Tino. Price, the other dude ( sorry forgot his name all ready) and now this guy surely we should be looking to fill other gaps.

Again I really hope they stick with Smith mistakes and all and see how he does by the end of the season. If they cut him they are fools period.

I don't think Smith is going anywhere. At least he makes the games exciting by moving the ball unlike last year with Sunseri.

Not entirely sure I see the point when there are 2 guys that have never seen action before...unless you are cutting Tino

The article doesn't mention that Boyd's rights were traded to the Riders by Hamilton. Anyone know what Taman sent to Hamilton to finalize this deal?

The report is still unofficial as there are also rumors that he is signing with the Cats…and they did have his rights for the past couple years. My guess is that he approached the Cats and inquired about a contract, the Cats were forced to offer him a contract or release, and made a swap of Neg list players with the Riders. The Cats have all the depth they need at QB for the time being.

I just hope this means they are finally moving on with Tino as this would mean 1 guy they know has no future, Glenn should be back soon, and 3 guys who have never taken a snap

maybe their getting ready to move Kevin Glenn ?

yeah...that could definitely be. If Trading Glenn you know you need at least 3 QBs for the season and into next year + DD and I can't see Tino being in camp at this point. Getz went down today...looking like he is out a while...on crutches

So there goes the whole trade thing down the crapper. This team is just plain cursed for injuries. Bring in a witch doctor to remove the spell.

So if Getz wasn’t on the trade block and if the rumor about trying to get both Jones and Heenan is accurate( which we don’t know) then where do they make the cap room?

Here we go again with that speculation.

I personally don’t believe Heenan and Jones are both going to be available…though I speculate Jones will be.
Getz could still be on the block (if he ever actually was) but is probably not movable now and potentially not at all. The favt it is clear he was injured thus not practicing last week leads one to believe it was not true…but who knows.
It was stated that there was a large amount of money set aside for Heenan should he become available. Even if you call that about 100k (likely a lot more)…there is about 100k savings in Emry and with Glenn down for at least 1/3 of the season (he was throwing today…lightly) I would think you probably save some coin there
Wilson also left practice today

With so many big salaries on the 6 game right now I'm sure there is lots of cap room, or at least a significant amount.


also, this has been debunked:

[url=http://www.wyff4.com/sports/tajh-boyd-im-going-to-continue-to-pursue-the-process/34930048]http://www.wyff4.com/sports/tajh-boyd-i ... s/34930048[/url]

Hamilton still has his rights according to Boyd

Well really not disappointed to be honest. I mean how many friggen qb's can you have in town at one time? Heck we can't get Price or whats his name into a game to have a look so why bring in another guy to sit on his butt and pick his nose? Just pointless in my books and if the Riders have anyone good on the negotiation list and trade that to Hamilton for this guy well that is just plain dumb. Wait until they have to either sign him or drop him outright of the list and grab him then if you want. Other wise don't even bother.