Riders Sign New QB

The Riders have signed Colt Brennan. He was a record setting QB in college but he was from the same pass-happy program that produced former Ticat QB Timmy Chang but Brennan was more highly regarded between the two. Interesting signing none the less.

Highlight film below

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtaRtC1z7XI&feature=related]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtaRtC1z ... re=related[/url]

They have also signed another QB as well.. Drew Willy

Is it just me or does he have a strange release, side arm?

Brennan would of thrived in the CFL of old, but in today's boring, 5 yard pass CFL he will fail.

It is very disheartening to see articles on the 3 Canadian Qbs that are going to the evaluation camp, and then you see an article like this where basicly the Riders miles well release a press release saying,"We have no intentions on ever trying to develop a Canadian QB"
Not only did they sign Brennan, but they also signed another American QB as well. What is the point of even having the CFL, if there is no Canada in it.

...I thought Taman was bringing in Dante Culpepper...at least that was the rumour going around awhile ago...I guess since Elliott and Brink were off the radar, Taman is going through his dicarded napkin files :lol:

It's such a terrible thing that the Riders are bringing in 2 high prospect QBs instead of the three QBS's that are Canadian. Even though everyone and their mother knows that for the riders to actually develop any of those three QB's they would have to draft them. Even if they don't get drafted the Riders would have to wait until after draft day to sign them. So sorry that the Riders are going after the best QB's they can get their hands on.

Good work Taman.

I like the riders bringing in some new talent at the QB position. too often seems like the CFL keeps reycling the same terrible QB’s (Ryan D, MIcheal B, Chris Leak, printers, and so on). im sure at least Cole B will be pushing for the #1 spot during training camp. Riders, like any team will still have an option to draft and develop any player they want. Nowadays its rare for teams to have four QB’s, but nothing saying they cant draft and sign a QB to a practice roster spot.

Anyone hear if Mueller will get another crack anywhere? i was wondering if edmonton would sign him again.

I noticed the same thing. Also, a little concerned about a “highlight film” where a lot of the plays were 5 yard passes…But I guess if he can get the job …

The Rider site has a post from Hawaiifan who says that Brennan has a large following still in Hawaii. Also ESPN phoned a local sports writer here to discuss the signing. Apparantly his signing has created quite a buzz in Hawaii.

He is suppose to be very accurate, but will have a lot of balls knocked down if he continues with the side arm motion. I wish him well.