Riders sign new QB and O-Lineman !!!!

There's no stopping them now :lol: Introducing at QB-"Hefty Lefty" and protecting his blindside OT-"Big Fat" Pat shown here at practice today :rockin: Let the rebuilding begin !!! The Riders have vowed to eat through their opponents for the rest of the season,like two fat kids at the buffet table they vow to be unstoppable with this new combination. Go Riders Go !!! :cowboy:

Ya gotta admit "Hefty" looks Gooooood in Green, the Riders won't even need a backup for him :wink:


Silly bobo... this forum isn't a prove how trashy and low class you are contest.

You're low class, and goofy to the point of annoyance.

Honestly... who spends their life on google image search? You I guess.

Yahoo image please...

Take a second to appreciate...that he is actually DWARFED by #70 in that first picture. How big is THAT dude?? :o

Not everyday you see nipples through a football jersey and pads. :lol:

Quit whining I thought it was funny. Are you such a tight A$$ you can't stomach a little harmless fun.

I annoy you ? Gee thanks I appreciate the compliment :smiley:
and since you like my posts so much with images and all,here's a few more that you can enjoy that maybe you can relate to. :stuck_out_tongue: I'm sure the other posters in here will enjoy them when they think of you and all your cheeriness and goodwill towards others on this forum................................... :roll:



Hope ya enjoyed them :stuck_out_tongue: You have a nice day now and be sure to keep taking those meds. :cowboy:

He doesn't like being made fun of. How did you locate his picture anyways?

Jared Lorenzen actually wants to play for another team who wears green: the Jets.

[url=https://twitter.com/JaredLorenzen22/status/631240058268299264]https://twitter.com/JaredLorenzen22/sta ... 8268299264[/url]

Low rent post.