Riders Sign more Competition for Camp

Reyshard Langford import DB
Anthony Heygood import LB

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The wave of NFL free agents continues for the Riders and the CFL.
both imports exhuasted NFL options and both were released in 2012 training camps.
Rey Williams has been signed but that still does not mean that he will be the starter with last year the Riders acquiring a similiar player in Peters during the expanded practice roster in OCT in 2012. Heygood was a career practice squad player.
Langford played safety in the NFL but doubtful with Butler here that safety will be his position.
Gagne a Canadian LB draft pick in 2012 returned to Sherby for a 5th year and Canadian LBs make great special teams starters. With him and Hurl gives them two Canadian Special Teamers and back up LBs.
Again acquiring a bunch of NFL free Agents with a lot of NFL expereince in way of practice and/or games

Looking at all off-season rosters of CFL teams and comparing by positions, I was/am extremely surprised to realize that Saskatchewan has only 7 OL on its roster.-1 Import and 6 Non-imports- I do know that they have selected 3 OL in the 2013 CFL draft but,beside Corey Watman, I doubt that anyone will be on the active roster. A few injuries to key OL and there goes the 2013 season.

Here are the numbers for other CFL teams,for OL:
BC 15
Hamilton 14
Winnipeg 13
Calgary 11
Edmonton 11
Montreal 11
Toronto 9


I do not think it will be an issue as they are set with who they have. Starting across with Fulton the only import at LT going across Labatte, Picard, Best, Neufeld RT. Heenan is starter ready on the interior and they feel that Watman will be the same so that would be your game day Roster. Dan Clarke will be in his 3rd season 1st as PR but playing for the thunder "11 practice roster and last year PR to 42 when needed for injury will be the same. so that would give them 7 Canadian Olineman 5 of which they would trust to start on the interior with Clarke considered a solid game back up able to come in on short Yardage and place kicking as an extra blocker.
The reason they drafted Watman is because they believe he will be in camp and game ready if needed at least at G to start the season
Chamblain has already expressed that they will use an import as a back up to start at T for both Fulton and Neufeld as they have enough ratio flexibility to start 2 imports on the Oline if needed.
Last year after neufeld took Import Chris Patrick's Job Johan Asiata was brought in for that role.
Depending so look for some import OTs coming to camp.
Heenan would probably move to OT to finish for an injury to Fulton or Nuefeld if injured during the game while they will have at least one import OT on the PR, the 46 as a healthy scratch each game or hidden on the one game IR unless he is needed to start the game.
Depending on how they prioritize on how good that 3rd OT will be will depend on where he may be on the roster.
If they make it a higher level player they would most likely find a spot on the 46 each week but not dressing unless starting or on the one game IR.
If Fulton and Neufeld come out of TC healthy and ready to go they will probably find a lesser guy or two for the PR. As the year goes on and NFL cuts start if either Fulton or Neufeld are in and out with Nagging injuries adding a higher qulity guy taking a spot on the 46
Asiata signed with BC this year but could be availble since the Lions signed Levi Horne who will most likely have the inside track as the 3rd T in when he became available from the NFL he came home to play for the spokane Shock for one game and the Lions signed him before he got a chance to play a second in the AFL.

They also have a few draftees and returning that are not on there. Watman will be there, and Steinhauer is getting pretty good hype from the coaches...while a DL guy he is also a long snapper, and can come in on the GL sets. IMO Vonk has potential to be a sleeper pick and might surprise a few people.

At the end of the day they have their nucleus of NI guys barring something bad happening to 2+. Imports can always be brought in easily enough.

However you spin it the OL was better last year, but not good enough IMO. Not for the investment in it. I am hoping with a year together that it will look sharp.

Nick Hutchins is also a call away, and is capable of doing some relief.