Riders sign Moose Jaw native McGrath

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2009/02/15/cfl_free_agency_signings/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... _signings/[/url]
To help make up for the loss of January, the Riders signed former Edmonton offensive lineman Joe McGrath. The move is a homecoming of sorts for the six-foot-five, 290-pound McGrath, who is a native of Moose Jaw, Sask.

and people wonder why TSN is far superior to Sportsnet...its Anton Mckenzie not Anton Williams

exactly hence why im going to assume they article is full of it and in fact Mo Llyod and Anton are not for sure gone and they are taking the speculation as far to say that they won't re-sign here

Joe McGrath is a nice addition to the O-line. Glenn January is hardly a loss if you ask me. Belton Johnson out performed him in every aspect.

McGrath is a good signing. But as he will replace Abou on the line, January was irrelevant. The other guy affected by this might be Chris Best. I won't be surprised if we shop him around. This will be his 3rd year and obviously we have no plans to make him a starter.

Is McGrath a guard or tackle? Leaving Abou aside for the moment, if he's a guard, we have 3 - Geno, Smith and McGrath. If he's a tackle, he can start opposite Belton, and we're basically set for hoggies.

Adding to the Sask content on the team:

Neil Hughes
Scott Shultz
Chris Getzlaf
Joe McGrath
Jason Cleremont
Gene Makowsky
Stu Foord
Teal Orban

Wow. Maybe Tillman has a secret desire to run a farm. He's certainly got the boys to do it.

Looking at the Rider's FA philosophy this season:

Imports you can get anywhere, for a dime a dozen ( see neg. list ) -- so spend your money locally.

Kind of gives the team a different personality.

Both Smith and McGrath are tackles---until now. One of them is now a guard. Smith has played guard before so it might be him. But the o-line this year is, Johnson, McGrath, O'Day, Makowsky and Smith. Not a bad group. Plus we have some good depth behind them. we will need to bring in an import or two to push Belton and back-up, but we are in good shape on the line!!

Agreed. I like the group, I like 4 Canadian starters there, and I like that in a pinch either of Geno and Smith can move out and play tackle, plus Geno can play centre. Lots of versatility, and a couple young kids in the 6-7 spots provide for depth.

Barring someone blowing up at TC...we're solid there. Nice job.

we need to clone Geno and then we are set....

I am not overly sold on McGrath.

He lost his starting job in Edmonton and was seen as the weakest link on the Eskimos O’line in 07. The import who replaced him was reported to have greatly strengthened the overall O’line.

Another concern is that now we will have to put up with his rather eccentric father. I know something about nutcase parents who can embarass their adult children. I had a set of them myself.

I see him as backup only and I think he is a less expensive version of Steve Morley. If there is anything really positive about the signing, it may be that the 'riders are looking to draft his kid brother who has hoping around USA college teams playing both TE to starting tackle and who can also long snap. He has a year left in college but he is rumoured to be willing to forego that extra year for a shot at the CFL.

Joe McGrath was Edmonton's o-lineman player of the year in 2007--not bad for the "weakest link". And he didn't lose his starting job this year--he was injured. I assure you, he was signed to start--not be a practice roster player like Morley was. And I suspect we offered him a lot more money than we were paying Morley as well.