Riders Sign Mario Alford to Contract Extension

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced on Tuesday that the team has signed American receiver and dynamic returner Mario Alford to a contract extension.

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That's a good singing for the Riders.

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One of few bright lights for us this season.

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What happened over there... I haven't seen the Riders have an off season like that in awhile.

Crap OL, too many injuries, and a clueless OC.
Guess that about sums it up. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you think Fajardo will be back or is going to look elsewhere since a lot of people where crapping on him?

Fajardo’s definitely looking to be a starter, and as near as I can tell the Riders are the only team needing one. I think things will be eventually be smoothed over, and a reasonable deal reached between them.
Fajardo could actually have a little more leverage, with options like BLM and Vernon Adams Jr. now seemingly gone.

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