Riders sign Local Products

I key in on Bryce McCall. I was rather surprised he never got drafter or picked up last year, as he was ranked in the top 10 most of the year, and is teammate, Keenan MacDougall, was and is doing well for the Esks. There were 4 or 5 DBs picked up over McCall...which i found rather surprising.

He has made some big and rather controversial hits...perhaps that held him back.

I agree it was a very odd situation on how he fell completely out of the draft. I dont know what his numbers were at E camp but for a guy that was ranked in the top ten and not get drafted at all there must have been something to it. Whatever the case he is the the ultimate saskatchewan rough riders kind of player. Home town guy Junir and CIS ball in the province. With Graig Butler now in his third season he will be primed to start at Safety and rookie McCall could be a great back up while joining Butler, Hurl, Newman, Hucklack on that awesome special teams coverage unit.
Hope whatever caused the delay is in his past

Ya I agree go after Mcall contrevercial hits may have kept him from being drafted but the Riders knew they could get him this year

Keenan MacDougall plays for the Stampeders and not the Eskimos.


yes...my bad

I"m looking forward to eye watch Ryan Wellman; Jeremy O'Day states he's very athletic; able to play Defensive End and will be looked at to play Linebacker as well. Will be a playing on Special teams too, good signing/along with the other two - McCall and Solomon.

I had lunch last March with a very knowledagble football guy. His career is football. At that time we both predicted that McCall would fall out of the draft. Yeah, his combine was bad and I guess he got jittered up and just did not perform well at all.

But this same guy said McCall is a ridiculously smart football player and he expected him to get a shot by somebody. He predicted he would play a 5th season for Huskies and the Riderds would likely sign him because they followed him closely.

He's a step too slow at safety? Unless he teaches his body to move faster? He's a bigger and heavier guy to be a DB. But he could enjoy quite a career on ST. His smarts and aggression will likely be very useful to him.

Perhaps he has a nose for offensive side of ball as fullback? Hughes and Bell are 1-2 years away from retirement. He's got the build to play fullback? If he wants to play in the pro's this is something the riders and McCall should think about. Can he long snap? This is another skill that few can master. His speed, agility and tackling would make him a demon long snapping for punt team.

I know nothing about Soloman and Wellman.

And finally...........two non-imports re-signed, Neufeld and McHenry. Good work Taman and Jeremy and Coaches!

Get Shomari signed. He's getting better. We've invested 3 seasons into him and we can't afford to let somebody else to grab him.

We're on the board with a few signings and that is welcome welcome.

That is one thing that is great for the CFL and Canadian players that special teams are so important that even if a player does not specifically fit in anywhere on an offense or defence position every team needs and has room on its roster for a few starters at special teams. Unlike the NFL everything gets returned so coverage team players are just as important as a starter on offense or defence. McCall seems to be that kind of players. He will play all specials both coverage teams for sure. A up returner on Kick offs to block for the main returner and an edge guy for FG and extra points

Add current Riders Neufeld and McHenry to the list of local players signed as each have singed contract extensions. Neufeld flew under the Radar this year but his ability as a Non Import to start at RT the Riders were smart to quickly lock him in for another two years. Although the Riders would be his first choice a starting non import RT will become a much sought after commditiy in the CFL.
McHenry filled in admirably at WR for the Riders but his biggest contributions will most likely stay with the special teams. McHenry was part of that coversage Unit led by the Hairforce. With a young canadian base for the coverage Unit Bryce McCall should fit right in to that group. With Mchenry, Hurl, Newman, Butler. Butler will most likely be elevated back to starting safety making the addition of McCall that much more important.