Riders sign LB Brock Stratton

Saskatchewan Roughrider General Manager/Vice President of Football Operations Eric Tillman announced today they have signed import linebacker Brock Stratton to a two-year plus an option contract. Financial details of the signing were not released.

Stratton (5’10 – 230 lbs) was a four-year starter at Texas Tech. In his senior season, he led his team with 88 defensive tackles in eleven games while serving as a team captain. In 2003, he was named Big 12 Freshman of the Year, based on voting of conference coaches. He attended training camp with the Tennessee Titans last season, but was one of the final cuts prior to the season.

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Hope this guy plays as well as ET is building him up to be.

Time will tell, but heck what do you expect any GM to say about a signing?

I can hear the comments now, "yeah we signed this guy but we don't think he has a chance to make the team. Look for him to spend most of his time helping Horm wash unis...".

Anyway, At 5'10" and 230, he is a bit of a fireplug.
Dare I mention he will be 27 this year? Not as big an issue for a LB, as it is for a RB.
Another guy, who, on paper, looks good. Despite what ET said, he'll be in tough to unseat one of the encumbants, though with Reggie out of the equation, there is an opportunity for somebody to fill that slot.
From the physical description, he sounds like MLB material, but I don't like his chances of unseating Mo.
Stancil has a ton of talent, but has been injury prone.
And the other guys have looked good when they have played, but are somewhat unproven.
So this kid does have a legitimate chance to find a job here.
Time will tell.