Riders sign Khalif Mitchell

.....Hey...I'm pretty sure I saw that guy at the Labour Day game last year...He was trying to get as many melons cracked for hats that he could...Wasn't very successful and I believe he's still under assessment at Regina's psyche ward ...Corky is presently trying to get him released for this Sunday....says the nut farm at Mosaic won't be the same without him...Just part of the circus.. :lol:

Oh, don't worry. Jones had him make his twitter account private. That should fix it.

Agreed. Grow a pair Mr. Commish and ban this basket case from the League, take a stand!

You are one funny guy Tridus.

From the looks of those tweets, Mitchell reminds me of the conspiracy theorist nutjobs I run across every once in awhile on the interwebs - poorly educated or at least unlikely to have any education beyond high school, lacking common sense or critical thinking skills. How else do you explain the bizarre ideas they spew through various mediums ranging from chem trails used to poison the general public, the World Trade Centre being brought down by thermite, the pentagon being hit by a missile while Flight 77 landed at a secret location where all the passengers and crew were made to "disappear"...9/11 an inside job orchestrated by the Jews who have infiltrated all important levels of government and the the private sector..yes, that's right despite constituting a whopping .1 % of the earth's total population their influence is so pervasive and widespread there is no escaping the Jewish agenda. :roll:

Sadly this is what the likes of Mitchell and various paranoid dolts tend to view as "the truth." I'm not sure if I should feel sorry for them or be angry. Maybe a bit of both?

The Last Word

We have a GM who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a kid who's still employed and you want to bar a man for life for a tweet ?

You seriously equate the two? Go back and do your research on Tillman's incident; he pleaded guilty and admitted he was wrong,victim and family accepted his apology and he received an Absolute Discharge on that charge. Mitchell was disciplined twice by the league for racist tweets, came up with excuses to explain why his comment wasn't racist but never admitted anything close to being wrong and since he left the league has continued to tweet his racist crap.

So you're worried about a man the courts found was remorseful and unlikely to re offend, but it's OK to have a racist piece of unrepentant garbage representing the CFL? Maybe you agree with his tweets? :roll:

[i]Wow, what a crummy mental shortcut on your part dcmoses. You are conflating Hfxtc's surprise at the severity of the punishment you suggest; a lifetime ban for Mitchell, with your fabricated and false assertion of Hfxtc's agreement with Mitchell's egregious tweets. Shameful on your part dcmoses.

Or in language more suited to your level: pretty weak man :thdn: [/i]

I seriously worry about a society that feels everything is 'all better' if you just feel remorseful and say you're sorry.

Agreed Dan. Especially when it comes to sex offenders. They don't get better and Tillman assaulted a young girl .His BS excuse about being meds was a joke. Mitchel is just a dummy that needs to be sat down educated . Also cut out the arm barring. This will be his last chance .

Let him play, he made a mistake and paid for it, move on.

This isn't Mitchell's first offense, on and/or off the field.

And Tillman's situation doesn't justify Mitchell's as they're both reprehensible individuals.

Let the guy play. He's on a short leash..

....Mitchell won't dress for the tilt tomorrow... Corky says he's out of shape...Farming was too much for him..No need to tell our O guys to watch out for the arm bars and junk punching....Thank cripes..

Especially when a football executive in a football CRAZY city/province is the one who got absolution.
It could be that the forgiveness was sincere and pure, or that the family got $$$ and/or free tickets for life, or anything in between ... but for years lots of VERY guilty coaches/players have gotten away with sexual incidents at NCAA football factories; partly because even in today's world too many either don't recognize/accept the significance of sexual offences and/or because there is still a "its the victim's fault" attitude.

Unbelieveable! :roll:

Sask. RoughridersVerified account
The Saskatchewan Roughriders have released Int'l DL, Khalif Mitchell. #CFL

“After talking with Khalif we mutually agreed to part ways,? stated Roughriders General Manager and Head Coach, Chris Jones. “After sitting out for over a year we both agreed it would be difficult for Khalif to get physically ready to play in a professional football game at this point in the season.

Not surprising. Normally he probably would not have even been signed to the practice roster, he would have only come in for a tryout. Out of shape and not game ready.

Everyone can take a breath now :roll:

Evidently the Riders prefer a 29yr DT from a semi pro "league" in Northern Ontario instead of Mitchell.

Who knew?

Riders standards

It’s okay to be a bigoted, racist, arm busting anti semitic nazi.
But being out of shape is unacceptable! :roll:

So, turns out that Mitchell was working on a fat farm. This is what you get when you go from scrapheaping....to dungheaping.