Riders sign Khalif Mitchell

Definitely does not sound weak to me. Quite the opposite actually.

Well he did 2 of these 4 things and Orridge is allowing him back in the League!

"There is absolutely no place in our league for commentary used to divide or disparage people on the basis of their religion, race, gender or sexual orientation."

IMHO, Strong would be No Way! You will not be allowed the privilege of playing again in our League because of your past record.

The Cats travel to Saskatchewan for a game with this freak show of a team that Corky has put together on the 24th of this month in around a little over 3 weeks from now. I'm hoping that this mental midget Moron Mitchell isn't in the lineup that day because I could see him headhunting and possibly trying to intentionally take down a player or two with his past history of violent behaviour on the field and his total lack of a conscience on and off the field.

As I said in my previous post there should be absolutely no place in this league for a scumbag like Kalif Mitchell but leave it to Corky to go uncover a few rocks to find this creature and resurrect this poor excuse for a human being for his travelling freak show of a football team this season. :thdn: :x

Yeah I know. But he did those things and the league never booted him. But now the league is saying this is the line...cross itand we will boot you.

Tough to retrospectively bar someone.

He did break his arm.

Simeon Rottier was out for quite some time.

It was done on purpose. He should have had a life time ban.

What else would you expect from Jones the most classless guy in the CFL. When he uses Mitchell to injure someone else not only should the league get rid of Mitchel they should get rid of Jones too.

Last time time I checked this was a free country and Khalif is entitled to his opinion. If you don’t like what he has to say, don’t listen. :expressionless:

True. Yet I think most are upset about having a guy back in the CFL that tried to end a guy's career.

About the opinion thing, I wonder how Mitchell would feel if someone stated that slavery never happened.
That it was just a big lie. It would be offensive, but still an entitled opinion.

Spewing racism is not ok . Unless that's what you want, showcasing your product ? I'm sure sponsors would line up :roll:

[url=https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55-yard-line/khalif-mitchell-and-his-anti-semitic-memes-ride-again-in-regina-181548303.html]https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-5 ... 48303.html[/url]

You don't ignore this !!

He'll be on a very short leash. Right now he's just on the practice roster. I'm not super thrilled with the signing.

Don't you think you've spilled enough Depth Hate Venom name calling there bobo82 :thdn: - Sad, Sad, Sad.

LOL !!! Yup I gotta agree with ya it is Sad, Sad, Sad that the good fans of the Riders have to put up with what has been going on with your once proud team since Jones was handed the reins and the shambles he has made of things on the prairies with embarrassment after embarrassment that has now gone over the top with the signing of Mr. Mitchell.
but hey if you really want to read depth Hate Venom look no further than Mr. Mitchell’s lovely tweets but hey what do I know ? I’m sorry and apologise for calling your team a freak show , for calling Mr.Mitchell a scumbag/moron/mental midget and your HC Mr Jones “Corky”. I mean if your happy with whats been going on this year with your team then I’m happy for you and wish you the best of luck the rest of the season with Mr. Jones in charge and hopefully your new D-Lineman Mr. Mitchell helps turn your fortunes around this year and fits in well with the team and the community and becomes a building block in reversing the team into the once proud franchise they once were. :thup: :smiley:

Apology accepted bobo :thup:

No problems Linden :thup: It seems like your season is going much like this poor guys attempts are going trying to set a record for smashing Watermelons with his noggin' :lol: not very successful :cowboy: and very frustrating indeed when nothing seems to be going right , no matter what you try to do. :cowboy:

In case anyone's interested, there's a thread on Mitchell on the Alouette forum.

That thread is over a year old and was originally started on Feb 18 / 15. It was just recently resurrected and bumped because of the Mitchell signing in Sasquatchewan. :cowboy:

If this is who they want representing Rider Nation , - have at it and good luck. :roll:

You should check again, because this isn't true. You're not entitled to spew hate speech in Canada. You can be charged for that.

You're definitely not entitled to do it as the employee of a sports league, consequence free. That's not even true in the US (the First Amendment stops government, it does nothing for everybody else deciding you're toxic and blacklisting you).

Plus, Mitchell is a dirty player on top of all that. You're not entitled to break other people's arms, either.

(I also have a problem with the implication that people should "not listen". Simply letting racist, hate inducing rhetoric go unchallenged because you don't like it is not what people should be doing. That shit leads to people getting killed when it's repeated enough, and it should be challenged and shot down anywhere it appears. Jews tend to be pretty sensitive about this stuff, for good reason.)

Weak doesn't begin to cover this. Another fine example of why this commissioner has to go. The proper response would have been to tell the Riders NO! this player is not welcome in the CFL. He was fined for racist tweets before and has not changed one bit.

The league and the commissioner have essentially said it's OK to be a racist as long as you are quite about it while in the employ of the league. BS!!!! Mitchell should been banned for life, Jones fined and if the commissioner won't do it then fire him. If he's OK with Mitchell representing the league he must be a closet racist.

The more crap happens this season the less I want to ever start watching the CFL again.