Riders sign Kevin Glenn again

[url=http://www.riderville.com/2017/01/23/riders-sign-quarterback-kevin-glenn/]http://www.riderville.com/2017/01/23/ri ... vin-glenn/[/url]

Glenn had 3 wins last year. :wink:

When Jones announced him to the press he welcomed Moderately successful Kevin Glenn to the Riders.

Bridge ...... Glenn ............ Adrian McPherson and Jonathan Crompton to round out training camp?

I am sure he is glad to have a job in the CFL.

However, KG must be sick of packing the bags every year.

To his credit, he never complains or has anything negative to say.

Major class act. :thup:

Wish him all the best.

Kevin Glenn's role is probably just as the backup, insurance policy, or Plan C Starting Quarterback. Whether Chris Jones can actually get anybody better in a deal that he likes is another story.

Well right now he's plan A. There isn't a QB on that roster at this point that would beat him out IMO.

And as the old song goes.......Once , twice , three times a Rider !!! :slight_smile:

And as the old saying goes.......Everything old is new again !!! :slight_smile:

And much like the movie "Groundhog Day " KG wakes up only to find he's once again back on the prairies !!! :slight_smile:

And much like Michael Corleone says in the Godfather........Just as I thought I was out , they pull me back in !!! :slight_smile:

Good Luck to ya KG cause yer going to need it !!! I think we should just start calling him "Suitcase" Glenn , because he never seems to get unpacked and settled before he's on the move again. 3 stops in Sask , 2 in Wnp along with stops in Ham , Mtl , Calg , B.C. and let's not forget 2 very brief pit stops in both Tor and Ott as well . It makes you wonder if and when he will finally complete the circuit and end up in Edm . :rockin:

Oh well I guess on the bright side as fast as Rider fans are mothballing their old #4 jerseys they can dig out their old #5 jerseys out of the back of the closet and dust them off yet once again. :cowboy: :smiley:

Glenn can still play and he won’t cost the moon. The Riders need a QB. This makes sense to me.


.....They have 'quick six' in Cal....now they have 'quick picks' in Regina...Kevin is/was a great reliever and he's sound, until all of the chips are on the table, and his penchant for throwing a quick out to the flat ends up in the hands of an opposing player....Seen that picture too many times, and IF Corky in riderville sees him as a starter or mentor....good luck...The circus continues in Sask., under the big top (their new digs), starting in June :lol: