Riders sign Kalif

OMG we have now sunk to an all time low with this move. How could Jones stoop to this level? This guy is a headcase to say the least. Here is what I'm mean by this
https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55-yard-line/khalif-mitchell-and-his-anti-semitic-memes-ride-again-in-regina-181548303.html He is pure poison and his rants and tweets back this up 100%.

I'm so disgusted and ashamed to have a player of this character associated with the Riders. As I said we have now officially hit rock bottom. Freaking digusted with this move.

we hit rock bottom when Jones took over!! this is just one more nail in the coffin!! :oops: :roll: :x :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I honestly don't know how Jones could even entertain this idea let alone go ahead with it. It even makes me wonder why Murphy or Reynolds would green light this, or did Jones go commando and just went ahead without their knowledge? If so then I this team is in very big trouble and the worse may be yet to come.

I mean seriously how does bringing in a guy that hasn't played in a year and is so badly out of shape help the team now? NFL cuts are close and we bring in this clown? Yes I don't see why or how fans could be upset about this.

Apperntly when asked about Mitchell's tweets Jones replied I don't go on social media and wasn't aware of Mitchell's tweets. Wow then I guess that make it all perfectly fine now doesn't it? Our great leader and GM has no friggen clue about a player's current personal background. That make you feel confident in who we bring in? Also now the stink is all ready starting to stick to the team.


For Immediate Release

August 31, 2016

Ottawa, ON – Khalif Mitchell, who was just added to the Saskatchewan Roughrider’s practice roster, has again been using his personal Twitter account to spread antisemitism. In 2015, Mitchell was fined by the CFL and Montreal Alouettes for hateful, antisemetic social media activity, and was dropped by the team shortly thereafter.

In response to today’s development, Shimon Koffler Fogel, CEO of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), issued the following statement:

“We are deeply troubled that Mitchell is continuing to spread messages of hate against the Jewish people. The Montreal Alouettes and the Canadian Football League did the right thing in 2015 by denouncing Mitchell’s hateful tweets and levying a fine against him for his troubling behaviour.

“Clearly, Mitchell has not learned from his past mistakes. We have engaged with the CFL and the Saskatchewan Roughriders and they have assured us they are investigating.

Yup real nice Jones you've really made the team look so good and something the fans and players can be proud of.
This has turned into a circus of horrors with Mitchel the ***clown leading the parade on a unicycle and Jonesy on stilts right behind him juggling mistake after mistake after mistake trying to keep them from all falling on his head.

I have to say I'm a little surprised at the lack of reaction here by this signing.

Wow.. not making cheering for this team very easy this year..

I'm surprised with the expanded scouting staff that the riders paraded out during their evaluation camps that they haven't found or identified new talent to bring in to our team when the NFL started their cuts instead of recycling other CFL teams rejects ?
Is it possible that all the scouts that Jones and company paraded out was all smoke and mirrors ?

the neg list was like 80-90% a right off...that is a big hole. bout 20-25 of those players are longer term on it...the rest are more fluid. A GM of another team said that there were only about 4-5 players that any incoming GM would actually keep on it...that is a big statement as those long term guys are in it for multiple years....usually there would be at MINIMUM a dozen of those you would want to keep on and then a couple of the shorter term players...that is a big factor in this. O'Day flipped a minor amount of it....but not much

camps are great...and they found a few good players...one was a QB that never made his way to Regina...but Cox came out of it, Holley, Collins (even though he went through the Bombers first)...all good pickups. But the fact is that you can not actually even truly start to judge those camps until after this weekend. This is the final NFL cuts on the 3rd, and the PR is announced the next day. From there a few will wait for an opportunity for a week or 2...but yeah...after the final cuts is where the first glimpse of how the camps and the recruiting skills actually are. Fact is that most of the players that they would have had their eye on in camp are getting some sort of a workout from an NFL team...and some simply say no to the money....now is when you will see how they are at selling the CFL to a few players and through into camp next season as well...but this is the first glimpse of it. Starting a good recruitment system takes well more than 1 full year...it has been 3/4 of a year..I would say that needs to be closer to 20 months to really start seeing impacts. If the CFL paid 1/4 of the NFL you would see its results faster

I rather liked a few of the players they brought into camp that never made it and was a little disappointed that they did not keep a couple of those around

Personally I don't really care. The guy is a intelligent but totally lacks social grace. I don't think he should be in football because of the things he has done on the field...he should have received a ban by now. As far as what he says away from the game...I don't agree with him but he has the right to voice his opinion and views as long as he is not attacking people...and as unreal as some of the stuff he has put out there has been...he has not done that....that is the B about freedom of speech...the right to it means that people are also going to piss you off. If he is on the tightest of leashes he helps this team just by being on the PR for a while...he will help develop young OLmen

thank you for the explanation I understand the scouting system beter.
so that being said how many scouts on staff do we actually have ?

I am not actually sure…I believe it is 8 or 9. 2-3 in Canada and 5-6 in the US…likely not all actually “staff” but yeah…

[url=http://www.riderville.com/2016/09/01/labour-day-week-day-2-chris-jones/]http://www.riderville.com/2016/09/01/la ... ris-jones/[/url]

I liked what Jones said here on him

Yes I'm disappointed that they would think a player that has not played any ball for the time Mitchell hasn't could be
an asset to the team. You put that plus his on field issues( suspended 2 games and one of the harshest suspensions ever) and add that to his obvious racist, neo Nazi supporter, anti Jewish stance how can the guy be anything but poison?

I'm sorry but this does not sit well with me at all in any form. I could care less if he even was a good player. He is in my opinion pure trash an brings nothing to the Riders but disgrace and shame. Is this the kind of character that is good for the locker room? I can't help think or at least hope most players would shun him like the plague.

How will this effect the team with sponsors? How many companies want their product associated with this social pariah? I know I wouldn't and would pull any revenue that went to the team if I was an owner until he was removed. Even then I would think long and hard about it. This is a very black mark on the Riders image if you ask me. I wish in fact that fans would have the balls to not go to the Labor day game in protest. Yes I know it will not happen and yes the team would still have the seat revenue. I just think it would send a message that this is simply not an acceptable addition to the Riders and if Jones and Company think it is then having an empty stadium would send a message loud and clear to the rest of the organization that this simply will not be tolerated.

Yes I realize people are human and yes there are others on the team that are also not exactly choir boys but if these same players are given a second chance which they deserve and change then yes that is fine. Mitchell however has had multiple chances and his raciest views are very very current. In other words he hasn't change and probably never will, so why on God's green Earth would we accept this piece of trash on the team? Is winning the be all end of of everything? Yes I get that Jones wants to win games and yes he is getting paid to do just that, but where is the line that should never ever ever be crossed? Rapist? murderer? child molester? How far would Jones stretch the fabric of moral decency? I say Mitchell still with his hatred and raciest views is so far across the line that you couldn't see it with the Hovel telescope.

if anyone had relatives involved and lost in WW2 like I had then seeing such tweets that Mitchell either posted or re tweeted makes you so disgusted to the very core.To think this type of player is acceptable and welcome on a team that you support is quite frankly sickening.

I'm very disappointed and ashamed of the Rider organization for even considering bringing this type of player to the team. This is an all time low in my opinion for the Rider organization. I thought Murphy and Reynolds would be above this sort of action but apparently that is not the case. Really really a sad statement if you ask me.

While a lot of players don't like him a whole pile I have heard that he is actually a pretty good leader in the locker room actually...not every player that is a good leader is always liked outside of the game.

How could he be an asset with so much time away...crazy thing called gyms. for me...i would consider myself in better shape than when i was "active" because I actually work out MORE now. I feel like I am in as good of shape if not better than when I was 25...though I know bumps and bruises mend slower now for me. Will he have full game stamina here and now...unlikely...but that can come along fairly quickly...or he can simply be released...and like I said, his very presence in practice along is enough to improve younger players because he has the push they need to see and nobody on the roster really provides...even if he floats on the PR for a few weeks he will help out...that could easily be all this is about

As far as stuff he has posted...I get it if he is running for office or something...he is an athlete...he does not need to be a poster boy and people expect too much of every athlete. I have met him several times and he is actually a pretty good guy...pretty smart...very vocal...is into some really off the wall views and beliefs.......I don't share those beliefs, but I am not a bigot and I appreciate freedom of speech, so I respect his freedom to express those beliefs.

Focusing on his game play itself...the area that actually matters...IMO he lost some of his game towards the end but was still a good player. Time away will obviously take time to overcome...but I dont think he sticks long term. He plays way too over the edge for my taste and does dangerous things...that is what I do not like about him and is the turnoff....the front office has stated the guy is on a 1 strike policy...and Jones seems to be perfectly fine with that and be in full agreement

people can moan about his social media all they want...he has not attacked anyone, he has not threatened anyone, he has not attempted to form malice upon anyone, he has never been arrested to my knowledge...nor ever charged with anything to my knowledge... only expressed his opinions and beliefs...the dude is a conspiracy nut. I don't have to like that, but I have ZERO right to discriminate against him because of it as some want to do...if I do I better be prepared to never express an opinion on anything myself....because it means that while I like "my" freedom of speech, I do not respect it laid upon others with conflicting views to my own.

Look at Kaepernick as an example...I really disagree with how he is trying to be a voice and take a great deal of offense to it....but that is his right to use that as a platform...so be it.

One of my favorite quotes of all time. I generally quote non-fiction when I make one, but this is near the top of my list, even if from a fictional character. It has always stuck with me.

It's gonna say "You want free speech? Let's see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who's standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours. You want to claim this land as the land of the free? Then the symbol of your country can't just be a flag; the symbol also has to be one of its citizens exercising his right to burn that flag in protest. Show me that, defend that, celebrate that in your classrooms. Then, you can stand up and sing about the "land of the free".
In other words, if you can not tolerate one's freedom of speech when it is not attacking or threatening someone, then you don't actually respect this freedom in the magnitude that you think you do.

So I guess its all right to say or think something just as long as you don't do anything right? Yeah he is real intelligent all right supporting the Nazi's and saying those that help defeat Hitler were ***holes . Does he not realize being of the race he is that he was not included in the "divine Nazi plan"? How intelligent is that?

Sorry but I simply can not and will not condone him being associated with the Riders whether it is his right or not to be a racist holocaust denying piece of trash. Your welcome to him.

Hey, I have said I don't really like him or his views either...would rather he wasn't around...difference is I won't discriminate against someone because of their views...you seem willing to. I have no problem speaking against his views...withholding opportunity because of them...yeah...sorry...that is the price of freedom. I can dislike someone and still respect that they have that freedom....same as they may feel about myself on some things.

I would have, however, withheld opportunity for on the field matters. If he can come in and contribute and keep his game in line...so be it. If not...zero tolerance and 1 strike....same as is being vocalized by both Jones and the league. He made it clear that the social media stuff needs to be off the table...so he has at least set some ground rules for even the chance at a shot....he is clearly managing it and will be swift if the man is out of line according to those guidelines set forth.

FYI...it was "Divine Providence" and the "Nazi Plan" was coined via the film used at the Nuremberg Trials. Hitler's "plan" was to wipe Christianity out of Germany and the first major step in that was the horrific action of attempting to make an "extinct race" (and by race he did not mean ethnicity, but Jewish people) as a show of Power via Divine Providence. Hitler did in fact ally with Japanese, and was in fact a strong backer of the Muslim Brotherhood (because they fought against Christianity). "Aryan" was propaganda created to bring a feeling of entitlement to Nordic Germanic people and set classes amongst the society....it was a very strong tool used to create the clash Nazis needed to bring the financial sound sect to the table to start the ball rolling. Hitler used Jewish people as a scapegoat to blame all of the country's problems on and unite them behind the "Aryan" backed movement

...at any rate...I am rambling about that and could for hours...point being that Khalif's "race" would have been of nominal concern...his religious beliefs...yes. Anyone who could not trace lineage to Aryan/Nordic 7 generations was not considered a member of the "master race." Hitler's Nazi's didn't care if you were not one, it simply meant you were inferior in their eyes....they didn't persecute over it though (perhaps in time they would have evolved to that had their campaigns been won...cuz according to them Jewish were at the bottom, then gypsies and so on, with Nordics at the top). Hitler used the "superiority" of Aryans as an excuse to say they had a divine right to expand.

And no....I am not condoning or supporting the above beliefs...they sicken me...just sayin

How the hell do you think his tweets are NOT attacking people????? Looks to be an attack on Jewish people or the Chinese... but I guess you don't see it that way either.

Lets face it, Jones is the Fred Shero of the CFL. Yes he may win games but his ethics and means to do so leaves little to be proud of. Pretty sad now as he isn't even winning games and leaving a stain on the team that will not wash off.

Well no surprise really, Mitchell is not in good enough shape to play. Lol yes what a great plan to bring an out of shape POS onto the team that probably won't be able to contribute for up to a month. Yuppers, way to go Jonesy.

It is starting to look like Jones's grand plan is act first and react later. Don't bother with the minor details though like conditioning or anything significant like that. Lets just tick off a lot of people and tarnish the Rider rep for squat. Then realize this was not going to help the team at all in the near future or probably ever.

Its almost like Jonesy is trying to pi$$ every one off, hopeing that he'll get expelled but still collect on his contract like CC. Good God its going to be a long 3 more years waiting for that to expire.. I appoligise as I don't recall the remaining length of his pay arrangement but its way to long yet. I once had faith in this man, but thats long gone. I would suspect Dressler and the rest of the Bombers will also enjoy a laugh this weekend at the expense of the fans thanks also to Jonesy...

On the Chinese? Did you read it? He clearly stated he did not mean it in an offensive manner because he did not understand that the word was offensive. That seemed sincere to me. He also apologized after learning that it was a derogatory term.

As far as his comments towards Jewish...well...he is clearly stating his opinion on them a lot more specifically things that he feels they have historically done. Is that attacking them? No. Right or wrong he is entitled to his opinion and to voice that and is spreading unfortunate propaganda he has bought into.

Like it or not, it is not illegal to be racist or have racist views, just sad and unfortunate, but people are generally products of their environment....it is not illegal to look down upon a culture, only to attack them...and sorry, but attacking by definition in this situation requires more than words that express opinion....it requires an actual threat. He has never done that.

Why should one not be withheld employment because of their beliefs (besides that being discrimination in itself)...here is something that should not be shocking to most...when you set up walls it does not help the situation...it actually creates a greater gap and the heightened divide generally strengthens one's views. One only has to look at what various forms of mass and individual segregation over history to see what that has generally accomplished.

My wife is Jewish. Her family went through that. I have sat and heard the first hand horror stories myself. Her reaction to this is that she is offended and outraged by the propaganda that he is peddling by it but that he has not attacked anyone in anything she has seen.

It deeply saddens me that there are people that have these views....I do not claim to know the best way to combat that....but I do know creating further divides is not the answer...history has taught me that much. I felt that the CFL took a much more positive approach with the issue when he was in Montreal...unfortunately, that likely did not last long as he was released shortly after.

Jones clearly does understand the can of worms he opened...he was the one who initiated the hour long discussion with the CFL before signing the guy. He was the one who formed the ground with them. While I wish he would have just passed on this because of on-field issues (performance and misconduct) I actually liked his approach to the off-field matters. I also liked what the CFL said with one strike, something Jones was a part of initiating. On the verge of bigger NFL cutdowns...this was a bad move and I don't get it...though having his body on the PR for even a couple weeks will help the OL.

I still believe he may have done this as a bit of an FU to the CFL office...If that is true, that in itself I kinda get a chuckle out of. I am going to assume it is, because I like I a good chuckle.