Riders sign Jamel Richardson

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will be interesting to see if he makes it out of camp. Good signing if he can be healthy, but he failed physicals a couple times in 2014. I sure hope it doesn't displace some of the younger Nationals they have. I think they have some serious potential in a few guys.

Lol I thought the push was to get younger not older. Man if they paid more then base for this guy then they got rocks in their heads. Yes he WAS good but injuries kept him out all last year not sure what difference it will make being off a season.

Money that could be spent on Heenan or Dressler or TBrack. Get these guys signed then add some fluff if you have the budget. Oh yes lets not forget we still need an MLB too. Hmm did someone spike the water at Mosaic?

an interesting signing for sure,
a 32 year old international receiver with surgicaly repaired knees failed medicals and out of football for 1-1/2 years .
umm cant our scouting staff find anyone younger ?

I couldn't agree more we need a youth movement of some sort and to get some speed. We have vet receivers in Getz and Baggs but neither are a deep speed threat. Why does it seem we are getting into a trend of using retreads or castoffs from other teams. First an OC that couldn't cut it in BC or EDM and now picking up older players that have been injured and past their prime. Not a good combination in my books.

One would have to wonder about that wouldn't you. When was the last time we had a speed demon on the team?
Seriously there has to be potential talent down south or even here to tap into rather then taking shots at something like this.

I would have rather they went after Williams then to waste this money. From the little time he was with the team he shows he can make plays and is a threat on both offense and special teams.

well, I wouldn't say it is a bad signing. If he is on the lower end of the scale his experience could be a great asset. A year off may have done wonders for his injuries, and that's what camp will test. If they had traded for him...yeah...wouldn't make much sense, but signing as a free agent to kick the tires one...why not. All it does at this point is eat up one of the 68 counters leading to camp. Like I said...as long as it doesn't displace a potential up and comers (Pierzchalski, Anthony, Bastien..all guys that I think could excel) in the role...go for it. What it does potentially do is potentially fill a bit of a void at SB...they don't really have that 3rd natural SB right now. I think they were hoping to move Jade Etienne inside last season, but that didn't unfortunately pan out. I would still like to see Pierzchalski given a shot inside...nice big frame for that role, but really any of the 3 Nationals I mentioned might pan out there. I have been really impressed with the routes Anthony runs, so he might be ideal in that capacity, once he improve picking up blocking reads...who knows.

could it be that Dressler may not re-sine and we need some depth in experience ?

I think they have to pretty much pull all the stops to get Dressler resigned. This team is in a bit of turmoil right now with Hall and Cortez gone and need a big signing to show they are not falling apart. Sure George and Foley resigning was good but on offense they have done nothing. This province loves Dressler and especially the city of Regina. This to me puts the Riders at a disadvantage as far as negotiations go but it may be a bullet they need to bite just to keep the masses from rioting.

No Dressler after the big push to get him mid season and then not to seal the deal would not go well with the fan base in my opinion.

So far besides resigning George and Foley this team has not shown me anything to say that they will be better then last year. If they don't get Dressler and TBrack back there is going to be a lot of doubt on where they will be at the end of the season. This past year was understandable that it could be rough with getting all the players for the Grey cup in 2013 but now they have to show that this isn't going to be a trend and that the team is going to be a substandard one. The way to do that is to get some good draft picks and a few good FA's and go from there. If they sit on their hands too long someone may scoop the players we need and then we will be once again having to go through many players trying to find the ones that fit, so basically a repeat of last year's training camp all season. That is not going to sit well with anyone.

After his monster year in 2011, Richardson had knee (or whatever) problems during the 2012 training camp. If I remember correctly, he did not do much at all in camp that year. So even though he was talking about getting 2000 yards, Richardson barely got 1000. In 2013, Richardson was not exactly lighting it up when he was playing. I do not know if he was still injured, bad system, revolving quarterbacks, him getting older, or what. This was before his major injury. This year after being released by the Als, Richardson was going to sign elsewhere but failed physicals in Toronto and Calgary.

I hope he does well, but the football is a game where they treat players as nothing more than a body. There might just be too much fresh meat out there for Richardson to make it back.