Riders sign Grice-Mullen

Looks like the Riders may have just solved their return problems.


They are probably trying to trade Dorsey, probably a five year vet who's big salary is paid for anyway. Taman looking for some money to sign Baggs.

I don't think so. Grice-Mullen will help, to be sure, but the Riders need to work out some better blocking schemes to spring him. One man can't do it alone.

If we trade Daley then the return game may show some improvement.

Grice Mullen has good speed and he was an above average returner, I'm not sold on his receiving abilities yet, he had some dropsies if I recall with the Leos.

Wow folks are really firing on all cylinders with great points like this today! :o

Though guys with sub-4.4 40-yd speed come at a premium, they indeed are numerous enough, especially with new names from the ages of 22-25 years old year-in year-out, such that you would think more teams would look for more Owens's and Murphy's with more skills than just for returns right?

Another interesting signing, helps the Riders, Dorsey has lost a step.

A step, a few footballs, the support of Rider Nation. Dorsey seems to have lost a lot of things lately.


this is step 1.

step 2 is to make some improvements on their blocking schemes on the punt and kick return game.

there were many times where Dorsey never had a chance because nobody would take that first or 2nd man running down the field.

Got some upside, better than the usual scrap heap acquisitions Taman comes up with.

He’s quite the player. I’d be more pissed that we didn’t get him back if Davis wasn’t kicking to much ass recently.