Riders sign Greg Jones

Easily the best signing thus far in Regina.

As I explained numerous times last season, Greg Jones is far superior to anything the Riders had at MLB. Of course Rider Fan threw a tantrum and insisted Jeff Doughty and Jake Knox were better than Jones. Ironic that both are now out in Regina.

Always good for a laugh to see the prairie hypocrisy in full spin. Don't mind saying I toadaso, Rider Fan.

Agreed, 100%

Just out of curiosity, have you ever been wrong about anything?

Yep. A whole bunch just in this thread. He said JAKE Knox and JEFF Doughty are out of Sask. First of all Knoxs' name is JEFF and Doughtys' name is Jake, and Jeff Knox with his 109 tackles in his Rookie year, is still on the Roster and will be a perennial Linebacker there this year. So there you have it. Three wrongs in one sentence. :smiley: :smiley:

Really hope I'm wrong about Ricky Ray's career being finished.

Evidently, you haven't been following my comments very long.

Ask any Rider Apologist for my assessment of Jeff Doughty and Jake Knox - - as I explained last year, they're equally mediocre and fully interchangeable. Hence, the name switch.

Likely one of the (numerous) reasons why I'm persona non grata in Riderville.

Yep Knox only had second most tackles in league history AS A ROOKIE. I can see why you would think he's no good. One of the (numerous) reasons why I don't follow your comments very much. They're interchangable with things that come out of a bull, hence the lack of need to read them. And by the way, Who's roster is Knox on anyway if he's no longer a Rider?

It is likely only one main reason that you are unwelcome. In my limited exposure to your posting, you seem to be an arrogant and obnoxious know it all. That is not to name call or anything, but just how you have come across to me.

As for Jeff Knox, you may be right that Greg Jones is a better player, however Knox is far from mediocre. I don't think that you manage 114 tackles as a rookie if you are mediocre. You are entitled to your opinion though and it is all a moot point now, as we have them on the same team.

Riders had a good day with their moves today. Only one I'd consider is suspect is Ed Gainey. I think his best days are behind him but maybe Jones can squeeze something out of him still.

Nothing wrong with a vet competing in camp...top end or not.

Both Saskatchewan and Winnipeg have improved greatly. It will be interesting to see how much it translates onto the field for both teams. The jury is definitely still out on the Gainey signing, but we will see.

MLB is an impact position. Knox piled up tackles last year but in terms of impact plays - - sacks, forced fumbles, INTs, fumble recoveries, TFLs - - he was pretty much invisible.

Did you watch many Rider games last year? How many times did you ever see Knox blow someone up with a crushing hit? His tackles were more like drag downs - - very similar other past non-impact MLBs Javy Glatt and Jason Pottinger.

On the technical side, Knox has terrible instincts for a LB. Always seemed to be flat footed and waiting for the ball carrier to come to him rather than hitting the hitting the hole and meeting the ball carrier head on.

Sure hope the Riders don't put him in too many man coverage situations.

I agree about Doughty Area 51 but Knox has alot of potential. He reminded me of Jerrell Freeman the first year he was here. Should be interesting to see how he does this year and how much he improves under Chris Jones. Like the signing anyway as linebacker was a huge let down last season.

Knox played 2 different spots, which is a lot to ask for a 1st year player who was not even on the 44 to start, and he did pretty well with it. he also had a rookie campaign with horrid defensive coaching, and had to stay pretty flat footed because of the liabilities at LB around him...his instincts told him that he couldn't rely on others to make a play inside 7 yards, and he was right...that dictated a lot of his play. There were times he pressured the line and did some good things, but any time that he did that the only person left that was a reasonable tackler was Tristan Jackson...a DB, so if a different gap was shuffled to this left them in trouble. This left him often taking a step backwards instead of forwards...as an inside LB as soon as you are forced to do that you are in trouble...but he was still making the play and that was a good sign. I am interested to see how he looks with better LBs around him and better coaching....it will show fast in how he reacts with better surroundings. he was forced into a role where he was trying to do too much...especially as a rookie.