Riders sign former NFL first-round pick, QB Paxton Lynch

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed American quarterback Paxton Lynch, the team announced on Monday.

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The guy has a strong arm and very good mobility. I could see him excelling in the CFL

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You forgot to mention one other aspect - a positive attitude.

He'll know this is the last chance for him to have a sustained pro career, whether that's using Canada as a route back to the NFL or (more likely) sticking around in the CFL.

I can see him working hard and trying to seize the opportunity unlike QBs who either thought the CFL was bush league quality and got a nasty shock, or saw the contract terms and thought a five-figure salary in Can$ was somehow worse than no salary as a free agent chilling at home waiting for an NFL call that never comes.

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I agree with your logic. Lynch was his own worst enemy at times and there were accusations that he did not put in the necessary time. Of course, Denver seems to be a QB graveyard, so we shall see. He has a live arm which is essential for CFL success. Living here in Pittsburgh, he was rarely mentioned in the press and seldom was mentioned on the talk shows which engage in Steelers obsession so he must not have provided much for them. Regina will be a nice place to concentrate on football. August 5th cannot come too soon.

Lynch is just competitive fodder for training camp to push Fajardo. Won't last and will be gone by Aug 5. But his credentials certainly look impressive enough to have Cody Fajardo looking over his shoulder thru training Camp.