Riders sign Elimimian

Wasn’t 100% sure if the defensive philosophy would be changing a lot this season…i think we have our answer

Also…seeing his position in negotiations on the CBA…gotta think he sees no massive cap change…or he wouldn’t likely be signing yet

Looks like the MLB slot isn’t going NI now

Yeah...kinda weird to build that up and then poof. That said, I was kind of expecting Judge to see more rotations in Sam E's outside spot this season. Edem rotating in there some as well

Wow, injury plagued and getting old for a LB.
Hope he lasts out the year!

While I have mixed feelings about this, I am not sure how he can be labelled as injury plagued. In 9 seasons of playing the biggest hitting position in the game he had a freak wrist injury and an Achilles…from which he came back and won MODP…and I mean there were a couple of seasons between those 2 injuries in which he played every game.

The Achilles sucks and would be a lot more concerning if it was last year and he was just coming back…but clearly that is over. The wrist could happen to anyone…you see LB with hand injuries often, but usually just a break, and it is something that really shouldn’t effect his game. No question with his age he is not in the long-term plans…but he has not shown any real drop-off to date

@FarhanLaljiTSN“Elimimian’s one year contract is worth $160,000, which given the circumstances is still a very good deal.?

No, but WLB will be NI

So at this point "still a very good deal"?
I'm not in the 'know', but is this guy ever going to able to play?

Love Solly, super guy to have around, but this is a Taman move. It’s clear that O’Day learned the ropes from Taman and will run the team the same way, with no regard to getting value from contracts, no ability to appraise players value in relation to the supply and demand of the talent pool and no idea how to prioritize the depth chart in relation to such supply and demand.

Case in point: Barrin Simpson. Now we all love Barrin, a great player everywhere he went, but that was clearly Taman throwing money at a big name to fill his depth chart, when he could have had some kid like McCullough or Hurl or Knox play 90% as well for half the money, saving about 100k to spend on a rush end (that they needed dearly after the departure of Chick and Baggs to NFL at the time) or some other need like skilled vet defensive back.

The pool of linebackers is deep with little dropoff in performance between the very best and the next best. It’s also a position that can be filled fairly easily with Canadians. To spend an extra 60k just to get that extra bit of best is not good value.

Love Solly tho, and hope that it works out.