Riders Sign Dinwiddie and Reesing

As per @CFLDaily on Twitter: Take off your "shocked" glasses, and slap me silly. The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed QB's Todd Reesing and Ryan Dinwiddie

I haven't seen any official releases yet though.


I like the Reesing signing, but would have preferred to see Kerry Joseph rather than Dinwiddie.


x3... but it mystifies me why they signed Dimwitted... :?

Really? It shouldn't. Look who your GM and you OC are...

Argo fan here, great pick up with Reesing. Watched a bit of him in College. Great arm, and very athletic. You might have a franchise QB in a few years. I’m a bit jealous.

I'm interested in seeing him. Although our last two can't miss prospects (Bell and Harrell) both left before running a single play with live bullets flying.


I'm glad they chose to sign both, rather than one of the two and with that say "problem solved".

Like most, I'm not sold on Dinwiddie (although the fact that he was peremptorially dismissed by The Professor tells me he's probably better than I think), but I'm not convinced a Reesing is the answer as a 22 year old rookie either. At least this way, we've got 4 QB's behind DD that this regime likes. Berquist has some time with this organization, and RD has some game experience and time with Berry.

I have to think that with all the brainpower put into use on this, and the conscious decision to stay away from Joseph, that at least a couple of these guys will turn out to be at least servicable.

And if not, let them all suck mightily early on, so another guy can be brought in.

If Ryan Dinwiddie has a good training camp and makes the team and starts wearing Rider green, will fans stop mocking his name? Dinwiddie has a chance at a come back (so to speak). That can be one heck of motivator. He was 3 James Johnson interceptions shy of winning the Grey Cup the very first game he ever played as a pro. Aside from an MVP performance by James Johnson, Kerry Joseph did not out play him that day. Ryan will also give the coaching staff and the training camp groupies a gauge to which they can measure the abilities of Cole Bergquist and Todd Reesing.

By trading Bell, misreading the intentions of Harrell, and by letting Jyles exit via free agency, the Riders had no choice really but to sign a veteran QB to back up Durant. If Jyles becomes the starter in Winnipeg and plays well, his detractors here may have to get used to the taste of crow.

As far as Kerry Joseph goes, sentimentality aside, he is finished. Without Kent Austin mentoring him, he is of no value to anyone. Having a backup QB who will turn 37 before the end of the season is probably not good for the team or the dressing room. As soon as Durant has his first bad game (which is inevitable) I can see fans immediately crying out to see Joseph play so we can watch him run all over the field like a terrified bunny rabbit while he widely misses wide open receivers with his inaccurate arm.

Todd Reesing may be a fantastic signing. He could very well make Darian Durant expendable when his contract runs out.

Some good points, some I do the "Uh, I don't know about that" routine. Now that Ryan is in Green, I'm all behind him - Let's Go Ryan!!! I would even say he was only one JJ interception away from winning - had he ran for two yards instead of the pick, he had a first down and they would have been close to FG range ... but that is the "if" game ...

Agree that the fan base is too hard on our QBs - and Ryan is the next target, unfortunately. I, for one, do not wish him ill - he's on our side now!

As for Joseph, I am already on record in an earlier thread that I won't repeat - suffice it to say that, in my earlier post, I pretty much respecfully disagree 180% with everything in your paragraph about him ... and my views have 0% to do with sentimentality.

However you feel, he is going to be 37, and is about as accurate as an unsighted Chinese rifle.

It would be a great story if RD could rejuvenate his career as a Rider, after spending 3 years in the asylum.

As for KJ being 37, so what....

This ain't the 70's no more.Everything about the game has changed, from Field turf to every aspect of equipment, diet and supplements to year round fitness programs. Athletes of this era can play much longer if they take care of their bodies, IE: Joseph, but..............

I totally support Ryan Dinwiddie and hope he makes me eat crow.....June 6th...................GO GREEN.

too be honest, if rd makes people eat crow, that means that durant probably got hurt... i dont see rd seeing any field time unless durant gets seriously injured or the riders have first locked up or are killing a team with like 5 mins to go.

is rd a good backup? sure he is.is he a good starter tho? i would say no.

i like the guy, i do and the riders are my 2nd fav team aswell but.. a year out of football, the same year doug berry was out of football... tells me there is only 1 guy who beleives rd is more than just a backup and thats doug berry.

hope rd works out well... really do but just hope he doesnt have to play more than mop up duty for the riders sake.

As a backup, I would think Dinwiddie and Jyles are a tradeoff. Each has some game experience, some successful, some not so successful, but any Q.B. that is starting today has gone through that. If they aren't used this year, then that can only be an up side for the teams. If they were to be thrown in to the fire, I don't see one as having any clear advantage over each other at this point, yet they have a huge advantage over the other "Raw" alternatives the teams would be faced with, based on actual experience and knowledge of the Canadian game. Good signings by both squads IMO. I would think that Dinwiddie came a lot cheaper than what Jyles is getting in the Peg, so advantage Riders, as long as Dinwiddie makes 75% of his Q.B. sneaks, and equals Jyles in that department. :lol:

i dunno man, betcha rd signed for close to if not 100k.. who knows tho. he was out of football for a year tho so im not sure the trade off is even but i hope it works out for both bombers and riders :slight_smile:

Miller could have vetoed the move... and surprised that he didn't... I said that we needed to develop QBs, and that goes for backups as well as starters. Dinwiddie is not the answer.

I think more people would be open to Joseph returning, but the way he left left a bitter taste in many of our mouths. Sure he took a 200K pay cut in 2007 to stay with the team, but to "Want out" is not a good way to be remembered.

My thought is the Riders couldn't go into 2010 with only 1 QB with game experience. Considering all the FA QB's, Dinwiddie was probably the best choice. Not saying he'll be on the roster come July 1st, but the veteran presence at TC is paramount. I'm thinking Bergquist is the dark horse, being he was with the team most of 2009.