Riders sign CFL allstar DB John Ojo

Riders defence shaping up to be one of the best if not the best in the league this year.

Really where are their good signings, OH! and they under the salary cap again by +$540,000
Yes start the parade again. Now if they only had a QB. No No not Johnny time again.

Gin or Scotch today?

I was wondering about the cap. Would you mind providing the list of players and their salaries. I can't seem to find it anywhere.

truth!!! but a beer is nice. Oh your back to dream land. Cheers

I keep hearing people say the Riders are over the cap but I don’t think that’s the case. Riders shedded big salaries in Dennis, Muamba, Glenn, LaFrance in addition to adding new ones ie Collaros & Hughes. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Riders trade a vet whose on the fence for a draft pic (ie Hecht)

Actually in training camp sky is the limit for salary cap. So really there is none until day of declaring your opening day rooster. Most teams will not tell you what they have signed a player for.
Its a game. Some will be placed on injury list others on practice rooster to juggle salary cap.
Others are cut but kept in town at teams expenses which do not count against cap. Same as players coming and going. But if you take the salaries of a player last year which is on record and add them up you should be very close to this years amount. Not 100%. Saskatchewan, total all the players new and old. QB doesn't preform his $500,000 may be dumped or any player for that matter. Easy research!

You also have to factor in that at the end of last season they had cap room. Crezdon Butler, Christon Jones, Coleman, Johnson, Bridge...I believe all those guys have some 2018 money sitting in 2017 SMS. Even if that adds up to 100k or something, that is a big deal in the CFL.

Let's not forget how easily the CFL allows a player to get turf toe...and all teams abuse this.

Rider brass has already stated they are much tighter up against the ceiling than last year at this time and that it might result in another move or 2 yet. That said...this year and last there have been several players that signed or restructured contracts that made more room...either taking less money or some taking some cash upfront as signing bonus (tax shelter for American players) to provide more room...something like 6-8 of the top paid players did this...the holdout was Muamba...hence he is gone (can't ask it of players and have a holdout...that makes negotiations tough overall in the future).

That is very well said. Actually total cap salaries are difficult to say.

Well, to make it easy research you have to have some correct facts. Riders don’t have a 500,000 Q.B. Not even close, he’s at 430,000 hard money, no incentives. So your out 15% there alone. Come to think of it I guess that explains how you come up with them being 10%over the cap, garbage facts. Who wooda thunk it.

Surely one of the best, the rest only time will tell.

Montreal's could be a force...unfortunately, when you play 38+ minutes a game you wear out.

-Ojo hasn't played in two years so he might be rusty or he might never regain his former form. Probably a 50-50 proposition.
-Saskatchewan still has a questionable linebacking crew
-secondary has an aged player in Johnson who is on his last legs.
-Canadian content is only average relative to the rest of the league and the depth is razor thin compared to teams like Calgary and Winnipeg.

  • So you feel a DB is going to forget how to play? This isn't a "skilled" position. All reports say he is in great form and probably could have come in late last season.
  • Other than MLB we strongly disagree. The only reason Knox (now in NFL) was playing was that Sam E went down. Moncrief was an obvious for real player the moment he was in his first practice and has not disappointed at all. Foster was never really needed once Moncrief started....and Foster is no slouch.
  • Johnson himself has admitted he is slowed down...he was solid there last season, hopefully it continues, but they have a couple guys they are bringing along....pretty normal process for most teams
  • Where Canadian content so weak? This comment is pretty funny to be perfectly honest.

They start 1 WR and have lots of depth there. Their OL is alright for players...I am not a massive Clark fan, but LaBatte is one of the best around, Dyakoski is getting up there and I don't think he should be starting 18, but he is still solid....they have some nice young OL in there as well that have not seen much action, and Bladek looks like he is going to have a solid CFL career. Zach Evans is one of the top few national DL in the league, and Steele behind him is solid depth. They have 3 Safeties, all capable of starting. LBs are a work in progress, but there is some potential there...they don't need them for much more than insurance and STs at this time though.

The fact you indicate that the Bombers are deep shows that you really are talking out of your arse on this one. Unless one of their OL guys who have never played a snap really step up this season then they are likely starting Neufeld, who, sorry...is a liability. They have not a pile behind that. There are lots of Bomber fans rather worried about ratio at this time....you are calling it strong. Unless they have eyes on a guy or 2 progressing well this season, it could be what holds them back.

I'm not sold on Montreal defense being a force.
Name recognition there for sure as far as FAs, but no continuity and a bunch of higher profile names from a lot of diff teams. Too many for my liking. Can add up to a lot of locker room voices, competing for influence. Plus rookie DC, and Stubler lurking about in some ill defined role.

Jovon Johnson was excellent last year & showed zero signs of slowing down.

And saying the Bombers have
strong Canadian depth is laughable, they don’t even have a proven 7th Canadian starter. If anything the Bombers are mid-tier in their Canadian depth & worse off than last year without Westerman & Thomas.

As I posted on the Esk forum, I think they screwed up not signing Ojo. Good pickup for the Riders.

Johnson himself talked about the fact that he has slowed down and does more film study and works harder on his angles.

The term talefront is a $500,000 Dollar quarterback. Meaning a high paid QB.
Actually hope he does well. You got to thunk more. Gee's another denier of facts.
Sask is over salary cap today. And $430,000 is close to $500,000 anyway

I wouldn't call 430k vs 500k close. You normally consider 14% margin of error close? 5% maybe. If you do consider that close I would love to do business with you.

Do tell, how are they over the cap? You appear to be well informed on this. Can you fill us in on any other teams SMS standings? It would be greatly appreciated for sure. Maybe just post the top dozen salaries from each team for us.