Riders sign Capiccotti

Desperation NI signing as the Riders are in dire need of Canadians to fill the ratio requirements.

Replacing John Chick with Justin Capiccotti is akin to replacing Darian Durant with Matt Nichols. Watch the film and see for yourself - - Capiccotti's numbers are a product of the system in Ottawa.

Just as Al Hall's numbers were a product of the system in Winnipeg. And we all know how well Al Hall didn't work out in Regina.

Capiccotti is a souped up version of David Lee.

…Although both have suffered serious leg injuries…I’m going with Nichols who is younger than Durant …I have to chuckle a bit at the rider euphoria when you actually look what they have behind centre…Willy going down…at least we have Nichols…Durant going down and they’ll wish they would have pursued Trevor Harris a little harder… :wink:

Capiccotti is a good signing and now has officially given the title of fa winner to the riders…We shall see how it all pans out… :roll:

Is that the "official" proclamation from Regina?

I'd much rather have Andrew Harris & Shologan than Greg Jones and Capiccotti as starting NIs are always harder to find than starting Imports. Not to mention getting the best kicker in the league with the Medlock signing.

It's laughable to see the Riders bring the incompetent Josh Bartel back for another go-round. As if the first time wasn't enough of an embarrassment. Inexplicable why they'd sign that guy.