Riders sign American running back Jerrion Ealy

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed American running back Jerrion Ealy, the team announced on Thursday.

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does he also play on the line?

Well, the Riders GM played offensive line and I guess he figures an offensive line isnt that important. Maybe he can sign some 5’3" speedy receiver and another 155 lb running back. He should be signing offensive linemen right now. Today. Immediately. If he doesn’t sign an offensive lineman on his very next move we need to punt him way down the road. No offensive lineman signed…and we need some high quality ones who are not under sized and underweight…and we will struggle to win 3 games AGAIN next year.

Preach, brother!

even though the current GM inspires nothing good…
Do you really thing the Rider organaztion is NOT looking for O linemen upgrades… news flash so is every other team along with the two spring leagues in the USA and the nfl gets first pick of all the good ones. We in cfl get the filtered out stuff that get passed by. why do you think since the spring leagues started up again every teal needing to rebuild has been struggling.

The Elks and TiCats just signed some O Linemen, so they are out there.

i believe the riders have too…i also did not say different than you did all i am saying you cannot expect the next 10 players to sign to be what you personally think is required. it takes time to negotiate with agents and it is not like they are only lookin for 3 players. there is an entire roster to fill. players are negotiated for 365 days of the year and we might see a signing two days before the season the begins and signings through the year will take place.

My tonecwas meantvto be observational, not confrontational. But it can’t be denied that ODay has neglected the OLine for years, and those that he has signed have been — less than stellar.

A good signing in my opinion. Second guy they’re bringing in just in case Alford walks in FA.

This guy seems to be a decent option at returner and will probably get some looks

Any relation to one Chuck Ealy?

If yes, he could be a good one.

Doubt it. Chuck’s last name is spelled Ealey.