Riders sign American QB Jake Dolegala

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed American quarterback Jake Dolegala, the team announced on Tuesday.

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Who knows how a prospect is gonna turn out... The super stars all come from humble beginings

Dolegala is a tall dude, 6'7. He should have no problem seeing over the offensive line

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Off the cuff here's my take on tall QB's at 6-6 or taller.

Joe Flacco at 6-6 was one of the very few highly successful tall quarterbacks.

Derek Anderson was also the same height and had some success for 14 seasons in the NFL.

Protection has to be even better for these guys, for they usually are on the slower side or they end up with foot problems not that foot problems are unique to tall quarterbacks.

There was only one Dan Marino, at 6-4 not "tall" for an NFL QB, who had terrible mobility and feet but adapted his game such that he did not have to move much and had enough agility in a small area to be one of the least-sacked quarterbacks in such a long Hall of Fame career. People forget that Marino had usually the best or a top offensive line in the NFL.

Tom Brady at 6-4 was always slow and you know the rest. Peyton Manning at 6-5 too.

The point is for especially the taller quarterbacks, and/or if below average on mobility and/or he ends up running into foot issues, you have to protect him way better than average in order to be a playoff calibre team.