Riders sign Alabama star Richardson

Courtesy of ESPN who is reporting that the Riders have signed Trent Richardson:

Former NFL and Alabama running back Trent Richardson has signed with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League, the team announced Tuesday.
Richardson, 27, played for the Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts during his three seasons in the NFL from 2012 to 2014. Cleveland selected him at No. 3 in the 2012 draft.

Ha Ha! Richardson is the Vince Young of running backs!

This guy was picked 3rd overall in the 2012 NFL draft, and was a MAJOR bust! He averaged 3.3 yards per carry in 4 NFL seasons. His best season he averaged 3.6 yards per carry, his worst 2.9.

What a joke!

The only joke is you. What was Andrew Harris' ypc average in the NFL? What was Messam's? At least Richardson had an NFL career.

This is a zero risk signing by the Riders, Richardson is young & seems like he's coming in with the right attitude. The angst over this signing by some fans reminds me of Joe McKnight's signing last year, he who also struggled greatly in the NFL.

Johnny has no angst regarding this signing. Just a lot of laughs and "told you so"s in stock for the future. :slight_smile:

Trent Richardson has multiple Domestic Assault charges.
His last charge was in Feb. of this year
Why doesn't he have to go through screening like Johnny Football does?

"Richardson was arrested in February on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge in Alabama. The charge was dismissed in June".

As far as I know if you have a "misdemeanor" and it's dismissed that shouldn't prevent you from getting a job.

Johnny Football's "misdemeanor" charges were also dropped.

This is a thread about the Riders signing a running back. Why do have to hijack it and turn it into a Montreal Signing Durant for 400 plus per season discussion??

Well done Taleback! Johnny got a good laugh from this. And you are 100% correct about Durant.

Footage of his first Rider press conference for Richardson:

I really am shocked that the owners of the CFL teams don't come to this forum to glean the brilliant minds; so many know so much more than the guys in charge.

Running in the NFL is totally different from running in the CFL with the wide open field. Obviously Richardson had some sort of promise to go #3, but then he could be a bust but until he is given a chance who knows? ???

well at least this gives jonny 3rd person 3rd language something to talk about. His team is the biggest joke in the league and will be for a long time. He isn't a football fan, he's a troll and I would bet he doesn't even go to the games.


As for Richardson, the Roughriders decided to bring him in and take a look at him, if he makes the team he makes the team, if he gets cut he gets cut. Why does some TMZ fan who care? What's it to him? Exactly. Sad.

Boy, how many players do the Riders sign? And how many do they have on the 6-game? They are so obviously over the cap but the league looks the other way. Disgraceful that they are not being punished for blatantly breaking the rules. That's a Chris Jones' team for you though. No respect for the rules.

What is sad, 1st person, not quite 1language Preisst, is your hard-on for trolling Johnny.

He did

They are? How so? They are actually well under the cap...which is why they have started the process of eating some of that up...first extension was Holley. how exactly are they breaking the bank?

19 players on the 6...and? FFS they are not even stashing one of their 4 QBs on it....they are 46ing them all. Everyone stashes players on it...I personally know that 13 of those players on it are 100% legit...I am pretty sure 2 others are legit or were when they initially went on...I am confident that 1 is not real...no idea on the other 3.

How many do they sign? So you are knocking never settling? Why? Seems that would be a bit silly. They also lost their shit on Harris in the last game, benched him during it and then cut him...their other feature back, Marshall, is on the 6 with a legit injury...but will unlikely serve the full 6...he will not be back for this game but they believe he will be back for the next and intend to dress both he and Richardson. If he is not ready by that game he likely serves the full 6 as it would be only 1 more game.

Not rocket science that if a player can't practice you put them on the 6 immediately...you can pull them any time and pay it like a one game x however many they missed...but the potential protection is there.

It seems like the Riders sign a couple new players every second day...I know they got to be putting them somewhere (I guess that's what injury lists are for?) With that type of volume, maybe the team should open their own MASH unit on the sidelines?

Why don't you read all 1727 of Johnny's posts. You will see that writing about the Riders, is a very small percentage of what Johnny writes. In this thread, Johnny gave his opinion on a running back. What's you problem with that? Is it because he plays for your team that you are upset? Feel free to comment on the Alouettes. Johnny won't cry if you say nasty things...

As for how many games Johnny attends and sees; none of your beeswax buddy boy.

Johnny is a big boy and does not need me sticking up for him.

I will just inform you that Johnny is NOT a troll, and is a long time loyal fan of the Als and CFL.

Johnny likes to have fun and tease people .

Now if you go to the Als section, and read his posts, you will discover a very knowledgeable and smart football fan.