Riders sign 3 today..

3 impressive sounding men.

a Non Import 22 yr old Starting Center at Minot…

a Tampa Bay Buc Practise roster cut

and a Running Back/ Returner with a few records at his college.

Archdekin (6’3 – 326 lbs) spent his college career south of the border at Minot State where he took over the role as starting centre in his freshman year. The Calgary native retained that starting position for the remainder of his time at Minot State. The 22-year-old was named a First Team All-Conference player three times and an All-American twice.

Nunn (5’11 – 200 lbs) played four seasons at the University of Nebraska. He still ranks third all-time in career receiving yards with 1,762 and in receptions with 136 at Nebraska. After going undrafted in 2008, the 24-year-old signed as a free agent with the NFL’s New England Patriots. Nunn tallied eight catches for 133 yards in pre-season action and went on to spend the remainder of the season on the team’s practice roster. In November 2009, Nunn was signed off the Patriots practice roster by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and then was waived by the team in August, 2010.

West (5’10 – 193 lbs) played four seasons at Western Michigan and finished his college career with 732 carries for 3,671 yards and 25 touchdowns as well as 126 receptions for 958 yards and six touchdowns. In addition the 23-year-old had 127 kick returns for 3,118 yards and one touchdown. West set a number of records during his college career including breaking the Mid-America Conference career all-purpose yards record. He was named All-Mac all four years and an All-American in his junior and senior years.

The Brandon West signing has been speculated on for a long time, not sure why they waited till now to officially announce it. Him and his agent both posted about it months ago.

Interesting to see how this new RB fits into the mix. Looks like three good signings.

The fact he can catch shows there is a chance that they are looking at him as the future, in 2012 once Cates is gone.

West sounds like he has a lot to bring. The center they brought in sounds not bad either. It will be interesting to see if these players pan out for the Riders in the upcoming season.