Riders sign 3 more

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The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced the signing of three import players today. Wide receivers Hutch Gonzales and Kareem Kelly, along with defensive tackle Reggie Hargrove have all signed one-year plus option contracts with the club. Financial details were not released.

Gonzales spent four seasons at Southeastern Louisiana University. The 23-year old finished his college career with 135 receptions for 1,582 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Kelly spent this past season with the AFL’s Los Angeles Avengers. The 25-year old also had stints with the Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens. He was originally drafted in the 6th round of the 2003 NFL Draft by the New Orleans Saints.

Hargrove has spent the past six seasons with a number of different CFL, NFL, NFL Europe, and Arena League teams. The 31-year old defensive tackle recently spent time with Hamilton and B.C. He played his college ball at the University of Louisville.

I think karreem kelly will be a great addition to the riders organization i dont know much about the other one

How many receivers do we have signed for this year? like 10 ?

You have to remember there are 10,000 kids coming out of US college ball each year. Receivers are a dime a dozen. Even being on a practice squad of a CFL team for 500 a week beats getting a real job.

The stupid thing is Matt and Armsted are a given. We are most likely going to have to use three canadians at receiver to make ratio. ( French, Hoffart and Grant or French, Fantuz and Hoffart ). I believe Fantuz will be a rider next year. I don't believe the NFL will give him a serious look without NCAA experience but thats beside the point. I also don't believe Tonkara is going to make the team next year.

That only leaves one import starting position. I really thought the way they were taking Breedon was a lock on that position ( llike Thurmon was before he was even a rider ). Now we have this Kareem Kelly and he sounds like the man and we also still have Jamal Richardson.

I guess the best man gets the job. Where you come from doesn't mean anything ( Krasten " dud " Bailey ) is the perfect example.

I know our receiver core needed a major upgrade but I am wondering when they are going to sign someone to challenge for middle Linebacker or Rush end. Those the positions besides kicker I am worried about.

I wouldn't worry too much about rush end, Perry will do fine, and hopefully Jurineack will be healthy. But I agree with MLB and Kicker, I wish that we would have persued Baron Simpson this offseason, as our only reliable LB is now Reggie Hunt, as Jackie Mitchel has proved over the last few years that he can't stay healthy enough to play LB. In my opinion we should move him to saftey and try to find a good Canadian outside LB (good luck with that LOL)

We did persue Barrin Simpson. He chose to go to Winnepeg, however.