Riders sign 3 Canadians

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Good to see some young Canadian prospects coming in.

and not just undrafted college players as TC fodder :slight_smile:

Pour avoir vu Carter jouer 2 saisons à Montréal, j'ai trouvé qu'il n'avait surtout pas l'air perdu sur un terrain de football. C'est un gars qui peut jouer chez les pros.

À mon sens, il demeure un réserviste, mais un réserviste de qualité qui n'affaiblira pas beaucoup son unité lorsqu'on fera appel à lui. Il serait encore avec les Alouettes si Andrew Lue n'avait pas impressionné autant. Je dois avouer que Lue a un peu plus de talent brut que Carter.

Une bonne acquisition par les Roughriders.

I think Jones has reached his role as a Teams starter. For Carter it is a final chance in what could be a better situation with the riders to get a positive look at playing Field CB as a starter or a top utility back up that can play CB and Safety.
Before Robertson was injured his potential was to be a safety with speed and potential to play CB as well.
ACL injury put him out in 2013 and 2014 was still not ready for TC in Winnipeg. A few more months he played his last season of CIS eligibility and was completely healthy and emerged as an All Canadian selection. At 25 now a little older and wiser not taking anything for grantite with an injury that could end everything.
Not so much pressure and limited option to push MacDougal into a WillLB spot or move to safety moving Brak back to SAMLB.