Riders sign 2022 Draft pick Zack Fry, K David Solie

I think we might be a bit off topic here. Please take the fan bashing to a different thread.

I am pleased, especially, with the signing of Solie. I had the privilege of witnessing some great kicking by David. The first one was a 50 yard plus (i think about 54) kicked at Old Taylor Field when he was in grade 11. It was at the provincial high school championships. David is from Saskatoon but even the Regina parents/fans cheered when he made it. I then saw him kick another 50 yard plus FG in Orlando FL while playing for Team Canada in the North American u-19 championships. This kid also punts very well both for distance and directionally.
He is also a very well mannered and well spoken young man. He will be a great addition to the CFL.


Also, it is one or few ignorant rider fans… I will make the distinction … Not all of us. But yea the ones posting on your bomber threads are just being total jerks.


Oh yes total gems…

And again you mistake football discussion with trolling. Btw I’m probably I’m probably up there when it comes to the years postered on this forum and up until this point we’ve been able to discuss all teams on the main page without all this nonsensical complaining about another team’s fans commenting about your team.

If you want a Bomber fans only discussion, go and use your team pages

Do you think Zach Fry is the answer?

My guess is we will have to suffer through another couple of years before we start to see the oline rebuild take shape. Unless we can land some solid free agents as a stop gap to allow for their development.

Any team with a Dodo bird as it’s mascot should tell you something :roll_eyes:
don’t tell me there is a rivalry with the dodos from Manitoba. There isn’t . They don’t even know what conference they belong to. Even when they were in the east division they were basement dwellers. Yet, they love to trash the east too. Im so glad to see the Argos steal the glory and the luck streak from the brow beating bomber swaggerNots.
When the smoke clears, we all see it was a screen. Motto is #4dL fifo

HaHaHa…Steveo, I’ve heard some people are in Saskatchewan are a bit slow on comebacks… c’mon 8 months to come up with that?

At least your parents are proud, I think?

Looking forward to your scathing
retort, say sometime around next March?.. Yes?

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Some people need hobbies … going back in time.that far for old threads seems so yesterday (.pun intended )