Riders sign 2022 Draft pick Zack Fry, K David Solie

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed Canadian offensive lineman Zack Fry and Canadian kicker David Solie.

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Great idea... @BestinBlue

Off topic..Thought I’d help steer you towards your teams announcement today. It’s been 3 hours and nobody has posted anything yet. Maybe you could start the convo and chat with fans of your team for a little while. Here’s the link for convenience.

...Sooo overpaid "Duke" Williams manages to loose a game while not dressed for a game & where does corn dog Cody go?

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Maybe if we discuss their team, they’ll join in and trash talk them too!

Hope they re-sign the nacho eating, sideline s*&t disturbing overpaid way past his prime Duke Williams and who knows where the QB they touted as the saviour goes. His feelings are seriously hurt so how can he possibly put that uniform on again?

Maybe the signing of this O-lineman can help their questionable play. Couldn’t do any more damage, could it?


Shouldn't "WeGotTheCup" change their name to "WeHadTheCup"?

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I’ll jump in for him here. He has explained it many times over the last year. It is based on something that happened in the Bombers dressing room in 1984 and has nothing to do with whether the Bombers presently hold the Cup or not. So you are now aware.


Once again a troll missed the mark on the topic at hand. So hard to stay focused for some.

So, as a fan of football, when was the last hattrick scored in the CFL? Probably more a hockey thing and handle isn’t it?


My faith in trollship has been severely taxed

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At least your parents are proud.

I could change the name to WeGot12Cups. But then I would need to update it next year to WeGot13Cups. You see the problem, right?


Bummer trolls love to spread the hate complex they ve had for the Riders for about 32 yrs now.
Kind of funny, Sask fans have been laughing at you beersnake building bumbling bagfaced Rider wannabes for decades.
You guys need to focus on your lack of class. And the need to compare yourselves to the class of the cfl.
Rider fans are and always will be the best in every way!
To be honest, 3 decades of losing and the circus show of coaches and players over the last 3 decades is what you are known for. Milt stegall doesn’t smile and we All know why.lol

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Prime example of class. :roll_eyes: Was the season really so bad that Winnipeg Losing the Grey cup game bring this much joy to some Saskatchewan fans?

Are us Bomber Fans homers and biased? Yes! The same is true for probably every fan of a team on this sight.

3 decades of losing, sure! Fun fact, Winnipeg still has the same number of Grey Cup wins in that time as Saskatchewan does.

Hey steveo.

Milt may not be smiling, but he’s in the corporate world now. You know who is smiling? Nic Demski, Pat Neufeld, Willie Jefferson, Zach Collaros, Jermacus Hardrick.

So, where’s GaW, no response from hattrick and now steveo from Jackass shows up. Coincidence :thinking:. Now, if only one of you could stay on topic.

So, steveo, whadda ya think about these 2 signings for your very impressive team and supporters?


Didn’t know that. :+1:t2:

Steveo....the only reason this topic started getting Bombers fans posting was to demonstrate what it's like for Rider's fans to understand what it's like when Riders fans continually and constantly troll the Bombers topics. I believe the point is made when you take exception to our posts.
Thank you for proving the theory.


...a rider fan ... say it again ... a rider fan... not rider fans. I thought we had movef past taring an entire fan base for one or a few posters ...

Have a look through trash threads in this forum and which team fans started most of them ...... ya no team is squeaky clean ..... other than mayhe BC as i dont recall them talking much smack this year


I fully agree with you, I misspoke. I should have said some Rider's fans, more than one but you are correct. Myself and a large group of Bomber's fan are closet Riders fans. When we are no longer in the big game and Riders are, they're my go to team.
Cheers, all the best to all in 23.

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I don’t think there is any doubt that since the Grey Cup there are a few Rider fans that have done the majority of trolling or thread hijacking on the open forum. This is particularly puzzling considering the season the Riders had. It is obvious to anyone who can read who those Rider fans are. There have also been Rider fans who have actively criticized this trolling behaviour, which I think is very helpful. By no means is anyone tarring all Rider fans with the same brush.

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Nobody is trolling you. Get over yourself

Yeah.. ol Jonny tells us Toronto didn't earn their Grey Cup and then proceeds to call others trolls. Go figure

Yes strangely enough when the Bombers lost the Grey Cup the first reaction was not to congratulate the Argos or discuss the game but rather to get on here and start slinging mud at Rider fans in the attendance threads lol and make excuses about how Toronto didn't earn their Grey Cup.

You continue to make things up. The first reaction of virtually every Bomber fan was to congratulate the Argos. Bomber fans are good sports. None of them came onto this thread to start slinging mud at Rider fans. In fact it was you and another Rider fan or two that were slinging mud at Bomber fans for some deep psychological reason I cannot know.

I wasn’t going to respond to your trolling again but am doing so one more time as I have proof positive that you are making up your posts out of thin air without proof to agitate others, which is trolling in my book.

Below is a link to my in game post congratulating Argo fans within minutes of the game ending. It’s only a game and congratulations are always in order, even if my team lost. You can scroll up or down from my post and see numerous other Bomber fans posting congratulations. I do take some solace in proving you 100% wrong but know that any post you make after this will be non responsive and ignore reality.

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