Riders show their true colour

Looks like Lady luck wasn't around for this game. Montreal played so so and still took down the RIders.

Great game Montreal!

Riders suck!

Where have you seen luck anywhere? The Riders deserved their last 5 Ws. And tonight, both teams should have won. I'm glad my birds made it, but the Riders played inspired football.

Pretty classless post - that line always works great on the school yard. Don't let you momma hear you talking like that.
I, for one, come away from this loss disapointed but still feeling good about the team. They played fairly well, overcame two big deficits, churned up big yardage and showed a lot of poise. Unfortunately they couldn't get the ball back quick enough in the end. Some more finish on drives and better mental preparation (too many men penalty really cost us) and we would have won this game. I thought it was an entertaining game. More so than our loss in Mtl (or, say, Edmonton's loss in Hamilton).

It's always great to hear from an Edmonton Eskimo fan. Now, can we hear from one with half a brain and something more to offer than "Riders suck"?

The Riders were down by 14. They got the lead back. Then they were down by 11. They got the lead back. The lead changed hand 6 times. You can be proud of your Riders Chewbacca. Can't win 'em all, but that was a close one.

EE I do not know what you are talking about I have been on the Riders case for a while now and this game had no luck what so ever. The Riders played well. The other games where they won on the last play I know I have said that was luck but you have to be good to be lucky!

The Riders are a good team!

Thanks Montreal in beating the Riders but damn you for beating the Maple Leafs!

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just kidding, I'd hate it if Saskatchewan folded, if it happened, you never see my fat @$$ again. I'd be in plam breach with my NEW friends!!!

I'm totally riping off Ron White here.

I have no idea what you're talking about.
Thanks for adding nothing to the conversation.

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not really, I just speack it differently

The Riders played well but sometimes good isn't good enough. Montreal also played well and either team deserved the win. In the end, Montreal came up at the top and took a W from one of the hardest places to play at - Taylor Field.

u speack it differently alright.

Best game of the year so far, in my opinion.

Wonder if this EE clown actually watches a football game prior to making stupid statements, or if he just wings it.....

Every team has their idiot poster, and it appears that EE is edmontons. I watched the entire game and thought both teams were playing pretty well. It was one of the most exciting games of the year with 6 lead changes, and could have easily gone saskatchewans way if it weren't for a few turnovers.

I's say this game was pretty much the Grey Cup preview. I don't see anyone stopping Sask and Montreal now. Great game for both teams, no reason to be disappointed either way. However it was one of Holmes' worser games that I can recall as of late.This loss is just what the Riders needed to get sharpened back up for the playoffs.

My Riders lost a tough one today but I am very proud of their effort. The last six weeks they have won 5 games (two against the conference leaders) and just came up short against the Als. Credit the Als for coming back and pulling out the win.-- Congrats.. But anyone who does not say the Riders are capable of beating anyone needs to see a shrink.

CFL rules
Happy Thanksgiving all and remember, some turkey farmer does the majority of the work to provide you with a wonderful meal come Thanksgiving.
LONG LIVE THE CFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Als fans. I thought your team played really well. That long pass on 2nd & 30 landed right in front of where I was sitting - awesome. I noticed right from the start the Als were really pumped up. It seemed to take our boys a while to get going.

Calvillo is a real a classy QB. Classy posts from you guys too. Hope we have one more shot at you this year tho.

Oh and by the way...... this is for EE (I've never said this before):