Riders Should Sign Printers!!!!!!!

Just wondering if they would be interested in signing Casey Printers I was on a Rider fan forum and there was a thread about it. Oh you thought they already signed him cause of the thread........ oh sorry.

LOL fooled me........


No! We'll go through our growing pains with Durant and will be far better off in the long run.

this is stupid! you shouldn't be able to make a thread title like that, and then your actual story have nothing to support this.

MODS? come on.. change it or something!

...I thought is was creatively funny, in a 'made you look' sort of way...I'm not deleting it, that would be censorship, which is bad....

I wasn’t asking for you to delete it… I wanted the title to not be a false title.

...looks like BobbyP acquiesced to your request...

good.... at least someone listens.

...meaning what?...

Hahaha wow.

Don't mind cflisthebest. He's probably just still bent that his Riders lost last night. :smiley: As far as the topic of this thread, I say no. They should stick with Durant. Ken Miller should've learned from last season's mess.

Nowhere was I suggesting the Riders sign Printers nowhere not even an inkling I just wondered as there was a thread here http://www.riderfans.com/forum/showthread.php?t=76223 and wondered what the Greatest fans in the CFL thought about the subject.

Okay, so you're asking Ticat fans? :wink:

I say :thdn: no. His ego is far greater than his talent. He will want far more than he's worth. He'll come in with all the fanfare and bravado, promising to win games single-handedly. Then when they lose, he'll suddenly add the word "team" to his vocabulary.


In order for Printers to have succes he needs a good O line. Remember when he had the one good year with B.C. he had a great Oline. In my opinion the Riders need to mix up their plays more on offense, using Cates, and Ford more on center sceens etc.
They also need to shore up their Oline. Stick with Durant he is learning. They also need to mix up the defence, they are too predictable.

Ladies and Gentlemen may I remind you the Riders are tied for first place in the West. If you think the Riders have problems how would you like to be a Winnipeg or Toronto fan right now!!! No need to panic!!!
-Rider Pride Nation Wide!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Turkey, take off your green colored glasses!

you can't play the fool forever, the Riders have some obvious problems in their defensive scheme as well as their play calling on the Offense!

plus our special teams is extremely far from being Special!

We are far from out of the woods in 2009...

Or tied for third, depending on how you look at it. :smiley:

Winnipeg and Toronto, as bad as they are, were already behind the 8-ball, having the two best teams in the league in their division. Not really making a point here, but you can't really fault me for taking the opportunity to get in a cheap reference to the 4-2 Ticats.