Riders should rehire Lapolice, fire Dyce.

If they want to improve, you hire Lapolice and get rid of Dyce.

The Riders need new recievers, not a new coordinator. The recievers are making Durant look bad out there as they are not getting open.

I agree with greenandwhite. They need new receivers, Tanman does not the common sense to bring in some tall fast receivers like Mtl has Green, Richardson, London. Instead he goes after small slow guys (kind of similar to his own description). His whole talent pool comes from former Wpg blue bombers and anyone who is born in Saskatchewan. Time maybe to go outside the box and try and find receivers from down south. I feel sorry for Durant he keeps getting blamed for everything! Give him Mtl or Wpg's receiving core and Durant would be one of the best passers in the league.

That being said, however, they should have continued giving Sheets the football. He broke off a 40 yard run on the first offensive possesion, then for whatever reason they went away from him. He is a game breaker if he is given the ball.

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DD is making very poor throws (shoe strings) and not getting open isn't always on the recievers. NFL picks might help but the play calling has been horrible for 5 games. LaPolice got us to 2 grey cups.

Calgary was playing run heavy for most of the game, stacking 8 in the box. Unfortunately it was hard to take advantage of that with the wind conditions today. I would have liked to see them go deep to Taj Smith a few times to keep them honest.

If thats the case then it proves my first point that our recievers cannot get open. When they do, they drop passes (Getzlaf). The only one that plays with any heart out there is Dressler. I feel bad for Durant as he takes some unfair criticism.

LaPo isn't going to give up a guaranteed 395K to go back into coaching any time soon.

I agree Dyce needs to go, but hiring LaPolice isn not the answer either... I would make Khari Jones the OC... he can't do any worse than Dyce... but Taman also needs to look at which NFL cuts at WR could be suited to the CFL... Dressler and Getzlaf need help and the former Bomber receivers are not the answer, and neither is Efrem Hill... he is just a waste of a roster spot.

Uh, really? When you won the Cup in 2007, Austin was HC and Miller was OC. In 2009, Miller was HC and LaPo was OC. In 2010, Miller was still HC, LaPo had gone to Winnipeg, and Doug Berry was your OC.

He wouldn't have to give up the money to get back to coaching. From what I understand, the salary from a new coaching position would be deducted from what he's owed by the Bombers. And he isn't guaranteed $395,000. According to reports, he was getting about $230,000 a year so what he's guaranteed is closer to the $345,000 range.

Agree. Receiving corps has been lacklustre the past month. Only Getzlaf is producing. Even Dressler has struggled to get open the past couple of games. This Sisco guy does nothing for me. How much more time does he need? Corey Watson steps right into the lineup and produces. Matt Carter plays well right away. Ianuzzi looks like an 8 year vet out there. Has anyone in this league ever been so coddled? They cut Bamba for THIS guy?

Although I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of design rollouts or boots, for when the oline has its hands full against these strong front 7s that BC and Edmonton throw at them. But bottom line, this is about personnel and execution.

WOW, one guy calling for Hill's spot, when he has been released, another saying Sisco isn't producing, maybe cause he is 9 gamed, when he was in the lineup he was looking actually really good. He was making some unreal catches when thrown to. He had one drop, but he was thinking it was going to be a pick so he went into D-mode, and had it hit him in the hands. Sisco will be a good player if he can stay healthy.

Sisco has been on the 9 game for 1 game so far. he's seen a lot of downs and has produced almost nothing. It's like his 4th year in the league, he had 2 full years to take Clermont's spot and couldn't do it. I'm not sure which unreal catches you are talking about. I've seen him go vert like once. There's no electricity there. He's not dangerous in the slightest. The only route he seems to catch is a sideline clearout, him standing still at the touchline with the defense cleared out deep, him waiting waiting for the ball to come down. No s;ants, no hooks, no posts, nothing.

What could you possibly be watching. The only thing Getzlaf has going for him this year is that he may lose his "2 drop" Getzlaf nickname. Only problem is it will change to "3 drop" Getzlaf.

I've been watching the last 2 games.

@ BC
SMITH, T       5    58   22    0
GETZLAF, C     4   51   15    0
SHEETS, K      5   49   16    0
DRESSLER, W    4   26   11    0
SANDERS, J     4   22    9    0
SISCO, J       1   10   10    0
HILL, E        1    8    8    0

vs CG
GETZLAF, C     6   86   30    0
HILL, E        2   35   21    0
DRESSLER, W    2   20   10    0
SMITH, T       3   20   11    	0
SHEETS, K      3   11    5    0
MCHENRY, S     1    7    7    0

As you can see, even Dressler has only 46 yards in the last 2 games. Taj Smith did have comparable numbers to Getz in the BC game, but clearly Getzlaf is the only guy really producing over the last 2 games.

Whatever the reason poor play calling, DD poor decisions, receivers not getting open after losing 5 straight and looking worse with each game someone needs to start to be held accountable for this. The coach will need to slam the hammer down hard and people will need to step up if not then heads will need to roll. Chamblains philosophy is that if you do not produce you will not have a job. It will be time to start following that up.
The first 6 games lokkd good as an overall ody of work for the riders offense even losing the last three of that 6 still looked good. this middle 6 has gotten off to a very bad start