Riders should just forfeit game against Bombers!!!!!!!!!!


The Riders should just forfeit the game against the bombers. After all the bombers are superior in every respect. the blue and gold are the best in the country- just ask try westwood. :rockin:

Wow Turkey you that could be your best post of the year. You just gobbled that out now didn’t you.

what brought this on?

the bombers acutally have guys that can tackle joseph in the open field with charlton and bolden, i wouldnt be surprised if hybert takes a nice cheapshot on #4 and knocks him out.

...i think turkey is trying the old pshyce trick of 'glorifying your opponent' so that you let your guard down....because after all you're too good (the Bombers in this case)and you can just coast to victory....sorrrrry turk....we ain't buying it...Riders better bring their 'a' game tomorrow.....heh heh... :lol: :lol:

Contain Joseph, make him pass = bomber victory.

Well dad I saved that blue and gold jersey from the fire pit and will put it on just this weekend and for the short period become a bomberfan. I know Dr Phil said it was okay to try and if I needed him I could call him at 1 900 dr phil0

put team on field vs Eskimos = Victory! :lol:

Hey Turkey, Please come and play the game. We prepared a party and would hate to have to celebrate by ourselves. Please bring your bag of feathers over here. The oven is set on preheat, the axe is sharphe and the wine is chilling. Do you know how to make dressing?

Is that really saying anything...?