Riders should have signed Boreham again

Anyone have a clue as to why the Riders didn't re-sign their best punter they've had in a long time? and then let him go to of all teams the Eskimos?

The Argo's release Jamie and the Riders have no desire to re-sign him....

is there something seriously wrong with this picture?

Plus, taking up an import spot to boot, :stuck_out_tongue: by not making this move. :?

considering he hasn't been playing perhaps his injury was more serious that we realize. One of my favorite players though

Injury issue my guess.
Another big question is who will replace Congi?

Yeah, I know in January I heard Tanam say he didn't think Congi would be around until at least week 3, but I have also recently heard he will be ready for pre-season action. I still wouldn't be surprised to see McCallum back for a stint (stutters uncontrollably)

It would be nice to hear an update on this

I highly doubt that would ever happen.

I doubt so as well, but if Wally pushes him out, as he is apparently trying to do, then who knows. Stranger things have happened, and don't forget that he still owns a house here, and is still on leave from Sask Power/Energy (can not recall which), so there is a good job waiting here for him.

eh, I think at this point, McCallum would rather retire and go work for Sask power than play for the Riders..

SaskEnergy I believe. I doubt he'll be back due to what happened just before he left.

Just before he left, his family was inundated with flowers and best wishes, so much so that they had to ask the public to stop as there was nowhere to put them anymore. Why would that cause him not to be back?

I agree. I think he would come back.
He is a great kicker, I just have not a lot of confidence in him in a FG to win it situation, but honestly, I don't have that much faith in Congi either. I guess we were spoiled growing up watching Dave Ridgway.

Eddie Johnson is at least as good as Boreham if not better. Eddie Johnson was able to pin opposing teams deep on numerous occations. He was not the greatest field goal kicker. The fact that we didnt have a good field goal kicker played a significant role in losing the Grey Cup last year.