Riders should fire Berry and white haired coach.

The one team that has digressed badly this season is the Saskatchewan.
A sign of a good team is how the coaches adjust at half time, or during the season.
It could be argued that the Riders have adjusted worse than everyone in the league on offence.
They started the year using creative patterns and matching a varied running attack with a complex passing attack.
In their hip pocket was always Durrant's ability to run. Tough to defend a balanced attack like this.
Against the Bombers, the Riders used straight ahead dive running plays only. Their passing attack seemed predictable and their protection for their qb was lousy.
What happened to the wide open exciting Riders offence. Even if you hated the Riders, you had to admit the last two years they were exciting to watch because you got the feeling they could always pull a rabitt out of a hat and come back and win games.
They started the season like this. I think this was the carry-over of Lapolice's offence. As the season went on the Riders have changed to boring Berry's offence which is predictable and one-dimensional.
If the Riders lose and get blown out by the Stampeders their season is over.
The Riders management should consider getting rid of the offensive co-ord. Berry. Also that white haired old man who coaches the defence has always been associated with lousy teams. Fire him too if they lose to Calgary.
Right now Turkeyman- your Riders suck!

Etcheverry or Daley? Daley coaches Special teams, Etcheverry coaches defense.

I think he's referring to Daley.

Why would you say that if we lose to the Stamps our season is done?

just because our shot at 1st place may be basically done doesn't mean the season is over?!?

we could still pull it out you know, we just have to work on some things and make some changes to improve our offence.

What I think is important for the Rider fans to keep in perspective is where we are in the season right now: Firmly in 2nd place. The upcoming game against Calgary will basically determine if we have any chance of catching the Stampeders and, if we don't win, it's still a long way to fall before we hit 3rd in the West. If we aren't able to turn things around in the next 8 games and we do actually fall into 3rd or (heaven forbid) last place then it would be a good time to start calling for blood.

Which isn't to say there isn't room for improvement in how the team is currently being managed. There're areas in the Rider game that are consistently lacking and I've yet to see the brass make any efforts towards improving. Still, that doesn't mean they aren't working towards fixing these holes, just right now it looks like they're doing a piss-poor job. I don't think one Rider fan was happy about how that last game against Winnipeg turned out (or the loss a couple weeks before to Edmonton) as they were, basically, a strongly emphasized example of all the problems the Riders have been facing this season. However, I also don't think playing "fire-and-rehire" for any Rider coach at this point in the season will help the Riders at all.

All I'm saying is to save the pitchforks for when Frankenstein's Monster is complete because right now this kind of talk just sounds like farmers scared of the dark. :wink:

Still a mystery to me why they hired him after his disastrous stop in Edmonton. One word comes to mind: Senile. :lol:

Jim Daley it the white haired dunce I am referring to.
Mark my words, the Riders are not the team that started the season anymore and Berry and Daley are a big part of the reason.
Berry has destroyed a creative and feared offense. Daley is an antique that should be put in a museum. Even the Turkeybirdbrain would probably agree with this assessment.

Daley I agree with, special teams have been a nightmare. I'd give Berry some more time, the biggest problem has been protection issues, not lack of creativity.

Daley should've stayed retired when we allowed him to gracefully step down.

As a Bomber fan that watched Doug Berry slowly suck the life out of a Grey Cup contender, I can empathize.
Berry is a cancer :twisted:
Just be glad he isn't your head coach.

As for Sask. predictability, there is some truth to what you say, but keep in mind that the Bombers had the tactical advantage of having your former OC, Paul LaPolice, on their sidelines. He knows your offense and defense better than anyone, including Berry.

PLP showed other teams the blueprint for shutting down Saskatchewan. Berry's not the guy that can make changes on the fly. You'll be lucky to finish at 10-6 and stave off BC or God forbid, face Winnipeg again in the semis. That would be the Rider's worst nightmare, playoff-wise, for the reasons I just mentioned.