Riders Should Be Focusing On Jason Maas Instead Of Ego Jones

John Murphy and Maas would have been a much better combination - - not to mention much cheaper salary wise.

Giving up full control to a tyrannical dictator like Ego Jones is a recipe for disaster. This won't end well in Regina.

If he showed the kind of loyalty Buono or Popp, you could make a fragile case for it but your dealing with a guy who moves on every two years and has shown zero loyalty to anyone or any team but himself. But how can he look bad ? The Riders won what ? 3 games. Probably why O'Day is staying put. He knows this is a two year project.

If and when the Winnipeg Bisons soil themselves again next year, they could clean house and offer Ego Jones the HC job, GM and CEO along with a $1 MILLION salary.

Would be comical to see him bail on Regina like he did to Edmonton.

His next stop will be as a HC of a mid level NCAA program in his native Tennessee/Alabama area or DC of a Div1 program under a famous HC. Could happen as quickly as next year. He’s a rental.

...It's Manitoba Bisons....and why would Jones leave a job like Sasks. for a university gig...No wonder they banned you in riderland with unintelligent comments like that.. :lol:

You need a sense of humor Papa :wink:

....aaaaah ...just being facetious ....I know this guy likes to refer to the Bombers as the Bisons...seen it a lot of times on the Rider board and laughed...He's gone the way of the dodo board on their site and I can see he's brought the same sense of backhanded humour here...It's getting a little worn.. :wink:

NCAA HC do rather well, top 100 teams pay over a Million base plus good bonus money.
Couple examples, Tennessee base $3.6M w/$1M bonus, Alabama base $7.1M w/$700K bonus, GA base $4.1M w$1.8M bonus, KY base $3.3M w$2.8M bonus and Penn State base $4.4 w/$1M bonus. Even the Military Academies pay $1.0M plus bonus.

That's what he's gunning for and its understandable. Even a DC job with a school where there is a good chance at advancement will pay him as much as he's making now. That's one of the reasons he is so involved in recruitment in the US. That is an essential component of a good NCAA coach and the bonus is that he makes tons of contacts.

I'll take semi-funny Area51 over arrogant and disrespectful Area51. He's a smart football guy and working hard at keeping himself in check :lol:

So what's the difference if he leaves for the NCAA in a year or two from Regina, Edmonton, or somewhere else? If he's going to go, he's going to go. Thank him for his contributions and wish him luck.

Meanwhile, a guy like Maas gains experience, and is ready to step into the role when it opens up. Every team has faced this. Is Jones perfect? Or even a perfect fit? No. But he is a proven HC, and Maas is not.

Yup. And in the meantime he brings a bunch of talented and entertaining football players into the CFL for us to enjoy. Where's the downside?

With that said, I believe with confidence that Chris Jones will be in Regina and on into year 2020.

Systematic dismantling of a football team is ridiculous and the only place this happens is in the CFL. If Jones left for the US like Trestman did. It does not dismantle the entire org, he can't take the entire staff with him, he can't raid the roster and leave with a copy of the scouting database. All this is happening to the Eskimos and its a damn shame that their fans won't get an opportunity to defend their championship. Any football fan knows how difficult it is to build an organization. Displacing the entire Edmonton coaching staff to Saskatchewan is basically "fixing" the game using holes and weaknesses of the league's structures.

It's ugly and will do absolutely nothing to bring more fans to the CFL:

The only thing left in Edmonton might be a Gatorade container and that stupid looking mascot.
Loving the breakdown of the esks.
The Riders have poached the entire staff. Wow, I can't wait until free agency.
We literally pulled the rug right out from under their championship.
Really, it's like they never won it in the first place....
May as well just raise the 2015 GC banner at Mosaic.
Jones had a game plan already in place before he even read the contract offer from the Riders This,...is,...awesome
The sweet here is that even winning a Grey Cup, we still own them...on or off the field.
Gutting and filleting the Evil Empire. Reynolds don't play. He and the BOD have some serious nutz to annex that organization days after they should be celebrating.
Why not if Jones will be able to sign all the Eskimo free agents as a Rider.
Pillaging and plundering. Was Reynolds a Viking in a previous life?

This is completely unlike any Rider philosophy and attitude I have ever experienced. Ruthless and using the financial juggernaut to make the rules.

And all the Esks had to do to stop it was say "no, you can't talk to him"

I think your missing my point. Its not a Rider or Eskimo problem. Its a league wide problem, There is a lack of leadership, structure and contract enforcement. Its very amateurish. League needs to clean this up and put as much effort into football ops as they did with the SMS. Standard contracts. Negotiating windows, compensation...

See other thread.....

Who cares about that stuff except the very exceptional really die-hard fans. I know I couldn’t give a rats arse about that in my favourite league the CFL. Really nobody cares in terms of significant numbers for any league IMHO. Does anybody who is a BoSox fan care that some guy like Price is going to make a ridiculous amount of money, over $200 mill for 7 years, more than what all the CFL teams combined don’t even amount to in terms of value, throwing a little white ball while they themselves might be getting laid off from work? Probably not.

Arash Madani
Jason Maas wants to bring Ottawa assistants w/ him to EDM if he's hired. RedBlacks quickly trying to extend asst coaches contracts now. #CFL

Here we go....