Riders Should Be Focusing On Jason Maas Instead Of Ego Jones

If the Riders had anyone with half a clue about football running things instead of the accountant and old stuffed suits that are currently calling the shots, they'd be going after Jason Maas as their next HC. Not only would Maas be much cheaper than $750k, he'd be a better overall fit for the Riders organization.

And then you have to wonder if they'll have to give up any compensation to Edmonton. If Hervey and the Buck Toothed CEO have any idea what they're doing, they'd demand the Riders 1st round pick this year in exchange for releasing Ego Jones from his contract.

And then Edmonton could go after Maas as their replacement HC - - getting him along with the #1 overall pick this year would actually leave Edmonton in a better position.

I agree Maas would be a good fit sort of a coming home . To many question marks on him now though , we just went through Ritchie Hall and Kavis Reed not sure the Eskimos want a rookie HC .

Maas is much more similar to Milanovich than he is to either Richie Hall or NutBar Reed.

Edmonton has a good offence, and Mass did wonderful things for Ottawa's offence. I'd welcome him if Jones left. Plus, Hall and Kavis weren't true Eskimos, especially Hall. That guy was Sask through and through. I know Kavis played a few seasons for the Eskimos, but I don't think he truly understood the Eskimo way (plus, he is just a crap coach). Mass is an Eskimo. I think he'd understand the expectations.

Of course, we'd still need a DC.

Area 51 talking about someone else not having a clue. Now that's amusing.

Not sure where you get the idea that the Riders should pursue Maas instead of Jones. They are recruiting Jones as Head Coach, GM and VP of Football operations. Only way the Riders could go after Maas is if they hired only a new GM and the GM wanted Maas as the coach. Teams hire a GM first and then the GM hires a head coach of their choice. Don't think Maas fits the bill over Jones. Jones will be interviewed to assume all three positions, the rest that are being interviewed are only for GM and VP of Football Operations. Sure Maas or any other person would be cheaper but they would be paid only as the Head Coach not all three. From what I am hearing there will be no compensation as long as it is a step up and not a lateral or equivalent move, so I don't think the Riders first round draft pick will end up in Edmonton. Keep stirring the pot. Man your hatred of the Riders shows through, must be banned again from RF.

Will he be the DC too?

Evidently you've forgotten what happened the last time the Riders gave full control of the franchise and a ridiculous contract to a megalomaniac. I don't expect this will turn out any better for Ego Jones than it did for Chamblin. He's a terrible fit for Regina.

As for compensation, there's nothing to compel Edmonton to release him from being under contract. Obviously they realize how desperate the Riders are. And considering the disdain Ego Jones has for NI players, you'd have to expect that he'd be pushing the Riders to sacrifice the 1st overall pick for him.

Again saying I don't know where you are coming from. Chamblin was the Head Coach and DC not Head Coach, GM and VP of Football Operations which Jones would be if they hired him, something never done in Saskatchewan to this point. Really don't know how you can compare the hire of Chamblin and potentially Jones as the same type of hire. It seems to me it wouldn't matter who the Riders hired or what moves they make, you will still find fault with it, you just can't seem to hide your bitterness towards the Riders. Get over it and move on, no doubt this type of commenting is what got you banned again at Rider Forum. I am pretty sure your brother has moved on from the trade.

I"m thinking the Jones deal is done on conditions. Probably working the phone this weekend putting a staff/payroll together for Reynolds.

Call Jones names if you want, but he is a proven, repeated winner. Wherever he goes, he just wins. He's basically the new Don Matthews. Haters gonna hate.

Agreed. I don't have to like a head coach as a person for me to want him in that role for my favourite team (whatever sport).

Agreed. I don't have to like a head coach as a person for me to want him in that role for my favourite team (whatever sport).

Maas for HC might be plan B or C if Jones decides to stay in Edmonton. I am guessing that we will all know what his decision is by Monday at the latest. I am hoping Jones does go just so we can see a big coaching shuffle this offseason.

Exactly. Being successful as a pro coach isn't about being a nice guy. I don't have to like Jones (and I don't, in fact). But he is an elite football mind. He's proven that over the past decade and he has the Grey Cup rings to show for it.

Complaining that a football HC has an ego is comical.

Got that right HfxTC,
ENERGY - GROWTH - OPPORTUNITY; announcement on Tuesday Chris Jones the GM-HC of the Riders :smiley:

Sorry but Maas is definitely not a better Candidate than Jones. That lunacy to even think so.

IMO he needs more experience before taking on a HC position, so as an Als fan I am ALL for the RRs hiring him.

Riders essentially gave Chamblin full control of the franchise - - he was the DC, the HC and the de facto GM. Don’t kid yourself, after Chamblin made his power play in 2014 Taman was nothing more than an order filler for the roster. Who was above Chamblin in terms of control? Sure wasn’t Taman. The accountant? The old stuffed suits on the BOD?

It was an unmitigated disaster with Chamblin running the franchise . And now the Riders are going to hand over the same level of unchecked control to Ego Jones - - basically a carbon copy of the last guy.

Chamblin was a megalomaniac who couldn’t deal with the media - - especially when things weren’t going his way and questions started being asked. Ego Jones is the same way.

No idea where you get the delusional idea that I’m “bitter” towards the Riders. They’re my favourite team in the West. You might be happy with getting a participation ribbon every year, but I sure don’t want to see the Riders put up another 3-for-100 stretch of futility. Keep making stupid decisions as they have for the past year and that’s exactly where they’re heading.

Personally I would have ideally picked up Murphy and then either Maas or Lapo, perhaps Steinhauser