Riders Shares, no one wants em.

In the latest issue of the CFL magazine, I was shocked to read that Riders shares are not selling.

I thought with all the Rider fans that these things would be a hot seller.

The article stated that the club originally set out to sell 20,000 shares. Years later the total sits at 3500!!

C'mon Rider fans! Man up and buy a share!

How much are they? Maybe I'll buy a few, and then use my powers as part owner to force a trade of Matt Dominguez for Ron Johnson.

$100 each.

Damn. I can't become majority shareholder at that price. Let me know when they're down to like 5$.

They just might fall to that price after the Riders fail to secure a home playoff spot. Look to scope some in the off season.

Will do. I'm gonna enjoy owning a football team. :slight_smile:

I will buy the shares for 1 cent on a dollar change the name to -------- and give them pink uni's ha ha Nate will feel natural for a change! :lol: :lol:

If you give the Riders pink unis, how will we be able to tell the teams apart when we play the Stamps?

they are $250 each, not $100...

ITs obvious.. Stumps with Bright Pink and frillies.. So Lewis & Copeland will Can Can there touchdowns... Then all the Brokeback Cowboys will hoot & holler ... Yeee Haw!!!soooo purdeee!!


Unless they changed the price the shares are $250. The reason no one is buying Rider shares is probably because if you look at the details on the Rider website, buying a share isn't much more than a $250 donation to the team.

wait a minute... eskimo and stampeder fans are making fun of an innovative way for the Riders to create some extra capital?
Why would you care so much? I'd love to buy a $250 share. But hey, that share won't pay my hydro bill. So I buy a game ticket and lottery ticket instead.
You do get a voting share and some insider deals on merchandise. It is a gloriried donation. But we do what we have to do. We can't all have the federal government build us Commonwealth stadium. And we can't all have our franchises traded around like the town skank like they do in Calgary.
The Riders do their best. Laugh at our fund-raising efforts if that's what gets you off. Perhaps down the road I'll go ahead and grab a share in the Riders.

I find it very interesting that EE and C4L are ridiculing the Riders, but since they are such big supporters of the CFL, put up your cash guys. IF you support the CFL like you say you do, go ahead and buy a Rider share. If this league is to survive, ALL teams need to be supported right across this country. I agree with chewbacca, a share wont pay my bills either, they come first and any way I spend my entertaiment dollar is totally up to me. Lots of people live paycheque to paycheque, and maybe cant afford to waste their hard earned dollars on stuff like a $250 share.

IMO i dont know why a Edmonton Eskimo fan would worry about another CFL teams affairs or Rider shares :roll: just maybe he wants to buy one to be apart of your football team before his falls out of playoff contention :lol:

Well I went fishing and caught to big s'uckers ha ha ha At least my buddy Sambo and BGM did not fall for it! Seee Turkeybend you are not the only one that can fish! :lol: Arius and Dentor shame on you!

Yup you drew me out ..once again... to prove how much of a 12 year old you really are..
Isnt there a Playground calling you Redwhine2005?


Pretty sure all I said was the Stamps are pretty in their pink outfits. Goes well with the dancing...

Im pretty sure its what you said also.

Youve got a grand total of 96 posts, and it
wouldnt surprise me if over half talk about dancing.

So what is it...are you jealous??

Dancing with two left feet can be a real bitch.

Nice to see you have read all of my posts, and taken the time to catagorize them.

Mostly I go with the flow and talk about things that are interesting, or causing the most debate.
When you say something interesting, I'll talk about it with you.

I stand corrected. The Rider shares sell for $250 a piece.

From what I'm hearing on here as well as from some Rider fans I've spoken with, the shares present no real value of any kind.

So if it's not an actual share in the team, then is it not just a glorified way of begging for spare change?

Why don't they put out buckets at the games and have someone stand near the bucket and ring a bell. Or do they do that already?