Riders serving smiles

TORONTO — Despite having a bye in Week 16, a pair of Saskatchewan Roughriders went straight back at work on Monday. Defensive lineman Anthony Lanier and receiver Brayden Lenius handed out orders, and plenty of smiles at a local Regina Tim Hortons.

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Riders should have had their o-linemen doing this. As practice for their new jobs.

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If one showed up in Bombers gear, would they spit in their coffee? LOL!

That's not funny, so now your just "old, fat and hairy" !!

Nice to see the Riders out supporting the community. Maybe sharing Nachos is the next project. Sharing hear say and rumor is not on the menu.

Why on earth would you think that was meant to be funny?

Read your bio- not funny, irrelevant and a childish dig on a O-line reeling form injury. Try following the spirit of the article, positive interaction with the community.