Riders sell more Merchandise than any other CFL team! :)

It is also another marker to highlight just how far the Roughriders have progressed from the dark days of franchise-saving telethons and perennial last-place finishes. It has been reported that, out of every dollar spent on CFL merchandise, 54 cents is from somebody buying something green.

It has also been reported the community-owned team generated $28.2-million in revenue last year, an increase on the previous year, and miles ahead of where they were in 2004, when the Roughriders had $11-million in revenue.

The store the team opened in Saskatoon last month is already exceeding expectations, and there are plans to transport a significant cache of merchandise to Calgary next week, even if the Roughriders do not advance. The team reportedly moved more than $6.5-million in merchandise last year, more than any other CFL franchise.

this was from the article on the main page.

this is so great!

I thought that I heard during a game broadcast that they were #3 in merchandise sales for pro teams in Canada, behind Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadians.

yea me too.. that's pretty impressive!