Riders season is on the line.

If they lose this weekend to BC, they could be done.

Fantastic move by Wally to name Casey the starter. He should
be highly motivated, and having Lulay behind him should scare all
of Rider nation.

I'm going to sit back and enjoy! :cowboy: :rockin: :cowboy:

The Riders season is no more on the line than any other team in the West. Win or lose the Riders pre-season fortunes will go down to the wire - last game against the Stamps in Taylor Field. Quite frankly I think starting Casey Printers is only being made because the 2 other QB's are on the limp. Otherwise I think it would be a stupid move - if Casey has a good game it is only because our D didn't play.

I probably won't be sitting back, but I will be enjoying it.

This is a huge game for both teams. I think the Riders will pull it off, they are playing pretty good football. Durant has stopped throwing picks for a couple games here, and if he continues on that trend, it should be all we need to get past BC.
I think Sask is the better team, and as long as they execute it should not matter that much what Casey and the Lions do.

All that being said this is football and almost anything can happen once that whistle blows.

Go Riders

I am pretty confident that Printers will not shine Tomorrow and will be the reason the Lions lose.

This should be a great one. We’re so banged up right now, I only hope we keep them from winning by 15 (B.C. holds the edge in the season series but that is the point differential).

One thing in our favour; this is a different defensive front 7 from July, where O-linemen were sealing off our linebackers leaving gaping holes for RBs to eat up huge chunks of yards (as Fred Reid found out last week). DT Steve Williams and LB JoJuan Armour have made a huge difference. And although the Leos’ secondary is good for at least one busted coverage a game, they’re pretty good at defending the deep ball.

Props though to the Rider receiving corps which has the best non-import talent in the league!

Due to the Riders' tie, I don't think the season series between BC and us will matter at all. BC will either be ahead of us by 1 point or behind us by 1 point (or 3 or 5 points). Unless BC ties a game too.

I expect a huge game from Printers, if not Lulay will be brought in.......then look out!

Whats the status on Mallet??

The race in the CFL is tight this year. Every team except Montreal (already clinched playoff spot) and the Argos (already lost playoff spot) are fighting to stay alive in the fianl few weeks. Both exciting and nerve wrecking :?

Yeah, this season hasn't been good for my alcoholism...

LOL. Chief.. you crack me up..
Should be a good game. Lions have improved a lot.. but so have the Riders. and at this point of the year, everyone is "banged" up..

I don't think any of the western teams other then Edmonton could honestly say their season is on the line. From BC - Sask - Calgary ... any of those 3 could beat each other on any given day - at home or on the road. It's the team that finishes 4th that would have to face Montreal before getting to the cup that faces the hardest task.

I would think it's Edmonton that is in the toughest spot and has the season on the line - I don't like anyone's chances of beating the Al's on their home turf. Now the Grey Cup is a different story and the Al's could be taken down.

Even if the Riders lose this game, they can still win the last two and end up in second place, first if B.C. loses one of their last two games.

So, while still very important, I don't think the Riders are done if they lose.

they won't.. no worries here.

I would say BCs season is more on the line in this game. Edmonton more than likely will finish with the crossover spot as they are playing the worst out of all the teams in the west right now. I guess we will see what happens between them and Calgary though. If the Riders win today, we pretty much host a playoff game again this year. If not then the last game of the year will be the deciding factor between second, and third.

This thread is nothing more than Eskylo trying to bait people much like CFL does to Eskimo fans. It can be comical though at times reading the responses.

I thought he was poking fun at turkey...

Wow I didnt realise Edmonton got distroyed last night by Calgary.

With Hamilton and Winnipeg winning it is going to be a dog fight to the finish for them and Edmonton. The cross over is not a lock for Edmonton ....

sure isn't!

I can see them not even making it!